UNEXPECTED Jason Korpi arrested 3 times, currently facing 11 charges EXCLUSIVE

TLC Unexpected Jason Korpi arrested multiple times

Previews for an upcoming episode of TLC’s teen pregnancy reality series Unexpected feature 18-year-old Jason Korpi getting into a heated argument in a hospital delivery room as his girlfriend, Kylen Smith, is about to give birth to their son Xavier.

Was Jason Korpi arrested at the hospital? The answer appears to be yes. Kylen gave birth to Xavier on August 22. According to local police records, officers responded to a disturbance call just after 5AM on the morning of August 22. The street listed for the disturbance call is the same as the local hospital.

Jason Korpi was arrested, but not because of the disturbance. There was an outstanding warrant for his arrest from another precinct!

In an attempt to ascertain what the outstanding warrant was for, I found court records indicating three separate arrests for Jason — including a very serious arrest in February of this year. More on that below.

In a case listing an arrest date of May 9, 2019, Jason was initially charged with reckless operation of a vehicle. The charge was dropped to negligent driving before being filed. Jason was found guilty on November 5, 2019.
Jason was fined $310, and a notice of default was filed against him in January of 2020. That default was cleared in August of 2021.

One month prior to his default being cleared, Jason was charged with driving with a revoked or suspended license. The arrest date is listed as July 31, 2021 for that offense.

Jason was found guilty of driving with a revoked or suspended license in November of 2021 and fined an undisclosed amount. In March of this year, a notice of default was filed against Jason and a bench warrant for Jason was issued. At the time of this post, the case status is still listed as “warrant.”

Jason Korpi February, 2022 arrest

In February of this year, Jason elevated his illegal driving antics from fineable offenses to something that will likely result in jail time. According to court records, Jason was arrested on February 26, 2022 and charged with the following counts:
1. Disobeying an Officer (Class A Misdemeanor)
2. Aggravated DUI (Class A Misdemeanor)
3. Driving With Revoked/Suspended License (Class B Misdemeanor)

4. DUI Driving While Intoxicated (Class B Misdemeanor)

5. Transport Alcohol by Minor (Violation)

6. Unregistered Vehicle (Violation)
7. Improper Use of Registration (Violation)
8. Front Lights Fail/Turn on Lights When Required (Violation)

9. Stop Signs; Yield Signs (Violation)

10. Reckless Operation (Violation)
11. Possession/Use of Tobacco Product by a Minor (Violation)

I am currently working on getting more details about Jason’s arrest. The local police department credited with arresting Jason only had three entries on their call logs for February 26. The following incident description is the only one of the three calls that seemed to match Jason’s charges:

Responded to a report of a vehicle off the road in the above area. Upon arrival the vehicle, which had been pulled back onto the road sped off, almost striking me. The vehicle then reversed direction and lost control leaving the roadway. The operator was subsequently arrested.

I want to iterate that I do not know if this is the incident involving Jason Korpi.

UPDATE – I spoke with the arresting police department and was informed that they could not release the police report until the court case was decided. They were also unable to confirm or deny whether or not the incident quoted above was the same incident that resulted in Jason Korpi’s arrest. Stay tuned.

Jason’s arraignment has been delayed a couple of times and is currently scheduled for May 3.

UPDATE – I spoke with a court rep on May 5 who told me there had been no updates to the case and no new hearings scheduled. I will keep checking.

UPDATE – We now have more details on the charges against Jason Korpi from court documents!

UPDATE – Jason pleaded guilty to three of the charges, including DUI, in November of 2022.

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