UNEXPECTED Jason Korpi arrest details EXCLUSIVE

Unexpected dad Jason Korpi arrest details

As Starcasm was the first to report, Unexpected dad Jason Korpi has been arrested multiple times. The 19-year-old caught 11 charges stemming from his most recent arrest in February of this year, including aggravated DUI and disobeying an officer.

We now have additional details on the charges against Jaon Korpi from court documents. In summary, Jason was allegedly driving while inebriated and with alcohol in his vehicle. It was dark and he was not using his headlights as he attempted to flee from a police officer on the scene.

Jason allegedly ran a stop sign, lost control of his vehicle, and almost struck a police cruiser “and three individuals standing in front of the cruiser.” Making matters worse is that Jason’s driver’s license was suspended and he was displaying the prior owner’s registration on his vehicle.

When I spoke with a police rep about obtaining the police report, I was informed that there was a minor involved. I was given no additional information, and there is no mention of anyone other than Jason and police in the court documents. However, it does state that Jason almost hit “three individuals standing in front of the cruiser,” which would seem to suggest there were others on the scene.

There was an incident reported in the arresting police department’s call logs on February 26 that I can now confirm is from Jason’s arrest:

Responded to a report of a vehicle off the road in the above area. Upon arrival the vehicle, which had been pulled back onto the road sped off, almost striking me. The vehicle then reversed direction and lost control leaving the roadway. The operator was subsequently arrested.

It is certainly feasible that Jason’s vehicle ran off the road and one or more people with him did not get back in the vehicle after it was “pulled back onto the road.” However, that is purely speculation.

It is interesting to note that Jason was allegedly intoxicated after he refused to allow Kylen to get an epidural due to his strong stance against any drug use.

Below is a complete breakdown of all the criminal charges against Jason Korpi with details on each from the court documents.

Jason Korpi Charges With Details

1. Disobeying an Officer (Class A Misdemeanor)
Jason Korpi was driving a green 1998 Subaru Legacy Outback when he attempted to elude pursuit of a police officer driving a marked vehicle “by increasing speed as he attempted to flee the area.” Attempting to elude the officer resulted in the reckless operation charge described below.

2. Aggravated DUI (Class A Misdemeanor)
Jason was “under the influence of intoxicating liquor” when he attempted to elude police.

3. Driving With Revoked/Suspended License (Class B Misdemeanor)
Jason was knowingly driving with a suspended driver’s license. His license was suspended in December of 2021 after a previous conviction of driving on a suspended license in anther county in November of 2021.

From our initial post about Jason’s multiple arrests:

One month prior to his default being cleared, Jason was charged with driving with a revoked or suspended license. The arrest date is listed as July 31, 2021 for that offense.

Jason was found guilty of driving with a revoked or suspended license in November of 2021 and fined an undisclosed amount. In March of this year, a notice of default was filed against Jason and a bench warrant for Jason was issued. At the time of this post, the case status is still listed as “warrant.”

4. DUI Driving While Intoxicated (Class B Misdemeanor)
Jason was driving “under the influence of intoxicating liquor or any controlled drug.”

5. Transport Alcohol by Minor (Violation)
Jason was under the age of 21 at the time he was arrested. Officers found “two unopened 12oz Bud Light cans and one unopened 12oz Twisted Tea can” in the vehicle.

6. Unregistered Vehicle (Violation)

7. Improper Use of Registration (Violation)
When Jason was arrested, he was “displaying a temporary registration belonging to the previous owner.” Jason purchased the 1998 Subaru Legacy Outback he was driving just three days prior to the incident.

8. Front Lights Fail/Turn on Lights When Required (Violation)
Jason was observed driving at night “with all lights extinguished on the vehicle.”

9. Stop Signs; Yield Signs (Violation)
Jason allegedly ran a stop sign. I checked Google Street View and the stop sign that Jason allegedly ran dead ends into another road. The court documents states that Jason proceeded onto that road. Here is a screen cap of the intersection:
Unexpected dad Jason Korpi arrest location

10. Reckless Operation (Violation)
Jason allegedly “drove at speeds unsafe for the road conditions, with all lights extinguished, attempting to elude pursuit, and in doing so lost control of his vehicle, almost striking [a police] cruiser and three individuals standing in front of the cruiser.”
I am surprised that this charge wasn’t more serious. If Jason did almost strike a police officer and three other people while eluding police, I would have assumed the charge would be more than just a reckless operation violation.

11. Possession/Use of Tobacco Product by a Minor (Violation)
At the time of his arrest, Jason was allegedly in possession of a Juul vape, a Hyde Vape and 16 vape refill pods.

Jason Korpi was scheduled for arraignment on May 3. I spoke with a court rep on May 5 who told me there had been no updates to the case and no new hearings scheduled. We will continue to monitor his case and provide updates.

UPDATE – Jason was a no show at his arraignment and a bench warrant was issued for his arrest!

Petition To Remove Jason Korpi From Unexpected

Jason Korpi’s complete disregard for the health and well-being of Kylen Smith during this season of Unexpected has resulted in a Change.org petition asking TLC to remove him from the show.

Here is the description from the petition, which has 6,442 signatures at the time of this post:

Why is TLC okay with showing this abusive relationship? It’s hard for me to watch knowing that he is getting paid for this. I know I could just stop watching the show but that’s not going to make the problem go away he still going to be on TLC’S payroll. Not only that I’m pretty sure taking the condom off without her knowledge is illegal in some states. Please sign this petition and maybe we can get tlc too remove him from the show.

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