LHHATL Who is Tokyo Vanity? Complete bio for the show’s newest and youngest star

The newest member of the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta cast is out to make a name for herself by repping for full-figured women everywhere. Though she’s one of the youngest members in the history of the show, the full Tokyo Vanity bio already includes more than its fair share of drama — as well as a few unexpected mysteries.

Who is Tokyo Vanity? What’s her age?

23-year-old Tokyo Vanity was born on September 28, 1994. She was raised in New Orleans, and appears to have only left NOLA for the ATL once she was cast for Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 7.

Before that, Tokyo was best-known for her out-of-nowhere hit “That’s My Best Friend,” which went viral back in 2015 and has since racked up nearly 20 million views:

Plus, like Lovely Mimi before her, Tokyo has a large and devoted Instagram following; she updates her page often, and bawdily. (In fact, Tokyo Vanity was one of the names attached to the rumored Love & Hip Hop New Orleans spinoff, back in early 2016.

Whatever happened with that beef between Tokyo Vanity and Young Thug?

No Tokyo Vanity bio would be complete without a chapter devoted to the spat between the two. Shortly after “That’s My Best Friend” went viral, Young Thug released the video for his song “Best Friend.” Tokyo was not impressed, and railed on Young in a series of widely circulated Instagram posts.

However, it also emerged that Young Thug and the “Best Friend” director BeElBe reached out to Tokyo before the video was released, and asked her to appear in the finished product. “We have to get you in the visual,” the director told Tokyo in a DM. “It’s a must.”

Though she threatened a lawsuit, the whole thing more or less petered out — partly because the two songs don’t really sound alike. Tokyo appears to have gotten the last word, telling Bossip in late 2015 that she was fully prepared to “count [Young Thug’s] money” over sales of the song.

What’s Tokyo Vanity’s real name?

This is the single biggest mystery in the whole Tokyo Vanity bio. We’re sorry to say that, despite our sincerest efforts — and literally dozens of false leads — we’ve been unable to come up the right answer. Our hats are off to Tokyo for keeping the detail under wraps for this long.

As a consolation prize, here’s a clip of Tokyo Vanity explaining the meaning behind her stage name:

It also looks like keeping Tokyo Vanity’s real name a secret has been the woman’s goal since way before she found fame. Here’s a false flag from 2014, way back in Tokyo’s Vine days:

Is Tokyo Vanity gay?

There’s a ton of speculation about Tokyo’s sexuality out there. Which seems kind of odd, given that she’s known for being straight with people who ask her straightforward questions (unless you’re trying to figure out her real name).

But it’s worth pointing out that Tokyo herself has made a habit of asking her 275,000 Facebook followers for help getting a girlfriend, as she did here, and here, and also here.

You can follow Tokyo Vanity on her preferred platform of Instagram, as well as on Facebook and Twitter. And you can see her in action when Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 7 airs, Monday nights at 8 on VH1.

(Photo credits: Tokyo Vanity bio via Instagram, Twitter)

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