UNEXPECTED Max Schenzel pleads guilty to felony theft, is he still with Chloe?

Unexpected dad Max Schenzel pleads guilty to felony theft after arrest

As we reported in July, Unexpected dad Max Schenzel was arrested and charged with two felony counts after allegedly stealing money and a credit card from the sleeping 77-year-old grandmother of a friend back in June. Max was back in court on August 15, and he pleaded guilty to a felony theft charge as part of a plea deal.

19-year-old Max was initially charged with burglary in the second degree (a class 3 felony) and theft of credit card or obtaining a credit card by fraudulent means (a class 5 felony). Thanks to the plea deal, the credit card theft charge was dropped to a class 6 felony theft charge, and the burglary charge was dropped completely.

The end result is that Max has pleaded guilty to a class 6 felony charge, which usually carries a sentence of around one year, according to Phillips Law Group.

Making things potentially worse for Max is the fact that he does have a record. In late September of 2017, he was charged with trespassing and being under 21 with alcohol in his system. The alcohol charge was later dropped, but according to court records, Max pleaded guilty to the trespassing charge (a third-degree misdemeanor) on May 17.

I’ve done quite a few posts about arrests similar to this one over the past decade, and my guess is that Max will receive a 12-month suspended sentence and will serve little to no additional time behind bars this time around.

Max is scheduled for sentencing later this month, and we will update once we have the judge’s decision.

UPDATE Max’s sentencing has been delayed after his attorney filed for a motion to have Max undergo a mental evaluation to determine if his is competent to stand trial.

If you’re wondering if Chloe and Max are still together, the answer appears to be something in the neighborhood of probably. Chloe hasn’t shared any photos of Max on her Instagram account since June 11, but Max posted a photo carrying their daughter Ava and holding hands with Chloe on his account on August 8 and he captioned it with “Family ?.”

More recently, Max posted a shirtless photo flexing at the gym earlier today and Chloe wrote in the comments: “Hot stufffff.”

Here’s that picture:

TLC Unexpected dad Max Schenzel

Prior to that, Max commented on a photo of Chloe and Ava that she posted on August 24 by writing: “I love you❤️ my girls are so pretty.”

What do you think? Will Max and Chloe have a rare teen pregnancy reality show happily ever after? To be honest, my money was on them not lasting this long, so who knows?

UPDATE – Chloe recently uploaded a YouTube video answering fan questions, including “How are you and Max?” Chloe answered without really confirming or denying whether or not they are still together. “I love Max. I always will. And, yeah, there’s nothing really else I have to say.”

When asked if the relationship between Max and Chloe’s mother has improved, Chloe replied: “No. It’s actually gotten significantly worse. Yeah, so there’s that. It sucks.” It’s hard to imagine how it could have gotten “significantly worse!” ?

Here’s the full video in which Chloe tackles numerous other questions, like why she decided not to breastfeed, if she plans on having more children, and if she lost her friends after giving birth:

You can keep up with Max and Chloe’s relationship journey with new episodes of Unexpected airing Sunday nights at 10/9c on TLC.

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