TLC re-ups with Cheer Perfection featuring Alisha Dunlap

Alisha of Cheer Perfection

Back on July 11, TLC ran a one episode look into the world of competitive youth cheerleading featuring the hard-driving owner and coach of Arkansas’ Cheer Time Revolution, Alisha Dunlap. The numbers (1.1 million viewers) were good enough to convince TLC to order 8 episodes of Cheer Perfection that will continue to follow the ins and outs of the Arkansas family’s business and life passion.

During the July showing viewers were introduced to Alisha Dunlap. Well, I say “introduced” but she actually appeared on Toddlers & Tiaras with one of her three daughters previously. Here’s a clip entitled “Let Her Fall” from the show for a taste:

The home page of Cheer Time Revolution launches into the Survivor classic “Eye of the Tiger” as it lets perspective new members know about its credential and what it offers:

Welcome to Cheer Time Revolution, one of the fastest growing All Star Cheer Gyms in Arkansas. Our facility offers 15,000 sq feet of open space free of obstructions, with a 26′ high ceiling. It has everything you need to advance your cheer and tumble skills.

Coach Alisha of Cheer Perfection

Our highly qualified and experienced staff encourages team work. We help strive for 110% effort, along with a committment for excellence. Through the quality instruction, we empower young athletes to be self motivated. TO BE THE BEST YOU CAN BE. Our athletes are not only successful in the sport of their choice, but also in many aspects of their daily lives. You can expect to see much more self confidence, self motivation, goal orientation and better time management skills from those that take part in our programs.

The awards page boasts an impressive list of accomplishments from members. In addition, the concept has proven so successful that Alisha Dunlap now features 3 locations in Sherwood, Jonesboro and West Helena.

Via Alisha’s Twitter account she also has a link to another business venture that is all about beauty pageants. This is called Perfection Studios and in the “about” section you get a good idea of Alisha’s passion for beauty pageants and how it’s a family tradition. Some of the bullet point highlights:

Alisha of Cheer Perfection wit husband Rd and daughters Cassadee, Cambree and Chanlee.

• Alisha Dunlap lives in Arkansas with her husband Rd and her 3 daughters; Cassadee, Cambree and Chanlee.

• She started coaching at the young age of 15 and has fulfilled her childhood dream of having a studio of her own.

• She started Cassadee, her oldest, in pageants at 4-weeks-old. 5 years later she welcomed Cambree who is also heavily involved in pageant contests and began a little later at 6-weeks-old. 4 years later little Chanlee arrived and she started in the pageant world at 8-weeks-old.

• Dunlap wrote, “Truly pageants are my world I love them, I love the kids, and so love to teach children the poise, elegance, and confidence they need in today’s world.”

Here’s a photo of a younger Alisha before she became a proud momma of all her little beauty queens:

Alisha Dunlap of Cheer Perfection before her daughters

Her husband Rd is not only a brave soul living in a house with that many gals but he’s also fully involved in Cheer Time as part of the team. In a recent Facebook post he shared his enthusiasm for the upcoming run:

Looking forward to seeing the next Cheer Perfection! I want to make all my cheer family proud! I met some amazing people in Dallas at the USASF owners and coaches conference and got some great advice. I’m so proud to be apart of such a great organization. Thanks for everyone’s support, it means so much to me and my family. Hope everyone has a cheerful day!!

Cheer Perfection the series is slated to begin airing in December. It’s produced by Authentic Entertainment, the same folks behind Toddlers & Tiaras and Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.

Photos: Facebook