Report! Jessica Simpson may lose Weight Watchers deal because of second pregnancy

Jessica Simpson for Weight Watchers weight loss campaign

Jessica Simpson may be busy celebrating the holidays and the news of her second pregnancy, but she may have some drama coming her way. The singer signed a $4 million deal with Weight Watchers after becoming pregnant with her first child. She slimmed down recently, but now they are reportedly frustrated that she’s become pregnant again.

“They’re furious at Jessica,” a source tells Us Weekly. “She was already on thin ice with them since she didn’t lose enough for a the first ad, when they had to shoot from the waist up.” Jessica’s weight loss took much longer than anyone, especially Weight Watchers, had expected. After putting on a reported 70 pounds, she admitted to struggling to get back to her pre-pregnancy size and it was no secret that she wasn’t slimming down as she planned.

The first ad that ran came across as a bit out there. What kind of weight loss ad only shows someone’s chest and face? Regardless of the awkwardness of the first ad, the second ad is the major issue at this point. The campaign was designed to celebrate Jessica’s 70-pound weight loss after baby, but now, it may never air.

“They don’t think it can run,” the source explains. “No one wants to hear about a pregnant woman dieting.” So far, there’s no word on what exactly they plan to do, but either way, it’s going to be a challenge for Weight Watchers.

Perhaps this isn’t all bad. They could just change their viewer pitch. For example, instead of being “Jessica Simpson Debuts 70 Pound Weight Loss After Baby,” it could be “Jessica Simpson Debuts 140 Pound Weight Loss After Two Babies.” Cup half full, people!

Plus, the most important thing is that Jessica has a healthy, happy family. She doesn’t need the money from a Weight Watchers deal.