Jasmine Tridevil insists third breast isn’t a hoax, shares surgery scar photos

Jasmine Tridevil funny photo with unicorns and rainbows

In a desperate effort to extend her 15 minutes of fame (and find a home for her reality show), the three-breasted woman Jasmine Tridevil (aka Alisha Hessler) is defending herself against a ton of evidence that seems to point towards her fake third breast being a whole lot more fake than she is letting on.

The most damaging evidence refuting her story that she underwent a $20,000 plastic surgery procedure to have a third breast added in the middle of her chest is a police report from the Tampa International Airport Police after her bag was stolen when returning from a trip to Las Vegas earlier this month. Among the items Jasmine listed as being in the bag was a “3 breast prosthesis” worth $5,000. (You can click here to see the actual receipt from the police report.)

Jasmine offered up this explanation of that story on Facebook:

The contents found in my bag at the airport was a mold of my chest. A fan offered me $500 to make one for him. I had it made in Vegas. I have 3 breast implants. None are prosthetics. And I am going to provide physical proof very soon.

She later added, “I’m going to find a doctor to agree to allow me to film my check-up and clarify that they are in fact real.”

Jasmine then shared the first bit of photographic “proof” with pictures of her scars from the skin graft that was supposedly done to create the third breast:

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Jasmine Tridevil surgery scars photo

PHotos of three breasted woman Jasmine Tridevil surgery scars

She proclaimed, “There you have it. Pics of MY SCARS from the surgery. Still don’t believe me? More proof coming soon. Don’t believe everything you hear in the media people. /JS.”

I’m guessing the “more proof” she is referring to is in reference to the supposed video footage of her actually having the procedure done, which was recorded for her reality show.

Her photos and statements elicited a lot of comments, including tons of photos of what skin graft scars look like. And then there was this lengthy entry from someone named Kat Marie:

This is the facts. She has a crappy phone, terrible taste in clothing, from the looks of her bathroom she doesn’t live somewhere too fancy and she’s in her early 20’s and my friends have witnessed around town in her crappy car before her “boob surgery”. She doesn’t have near enough funds to get a triple boob surgery. She simply doesn’t have the means to afford it. Also considering the medical facts. A breast implantation surgery is considered a serious cosmetic surgery that can take up to a year and sometimes longer to recover from. Since her surgery only occured a few short months ago, she would still be in pain and healing from the stitches. The tissue around the breasts would still be bruised and red, with some minor scarring and she would not be able to wear a bikini top without any support. She would still be wearing a supportive post operation bra to avoid any tearing in the skin underneath the breasts, which can cause serious infection and would result in the removal of the implants. The third so called implanted breast obviously sits ontop of the two slightly seperated breasts. Suggesting that it is indeed a prostetic breast and not an implant. An implant would lay directly in the middle and would not sag as much. The nipple would also not be perfectly aligned with the other two. The breast would also be a little more round and fuller, due to the surgery being fresh still. The skin would not have enough time to mold and stretch to her body yet. She’s a fraud, trying to fool everyone. Unfortunately people are still stupid enough to believe its the real thing. She has lots of ways to prove the breast is a real implant. Such as medical papers, a video of her gently pulling the skin or lifting the breasts to show the incision scar from the surgery. Lots of oppurtunities and still nothing. She will be forgotten in a matter of months.

So what do you think? Do Jasmine’s scar photos have you once again believing in the mythical three-boobed woman from Florida?

I’m just waiting for the inevitable next step…