Jessica Simpson’s dad Joe Simpson arrested for drunk driving

Jessica Simpson's dad Joe Simpson

Ashlee and Jessica Simpson’s dad Joe Simpson was picked up last week in Sherman Oaks, California for allegedly driving under the influence. The 54-year-old former minister (real name Joseph Truett Simpson) was arrested on August 4 on Ventura Blvd. around 10PM. LAPD suspected Simpson of being intoxicated and booked him for a DUI. He spent the night in jail before posting bail the next morning at 9:41.

So what will be the consequences of Joe’s transgression? Not much, according to the legal-savvy folks over at TMZ:

The case has not been sent over to prosecutors in the L.A. City Attorney’s Office yet, but if criminal charges are filed, it’s likely Joe will not get any jail time since it’s his first offense. He’ll probably end up with a big fat fine — something his daughter will have no problem paying.

Amazingly the arrest is almost a week old and took place in the Los Angeles area and TMZ has yet to unearth a Joe Simpson mug shot photo! How is that possible?!? C’mon TMZ – you’re letting us all down!

Photo: Nikki Nelson / WENN

Joe Simpson theme song: “Daddy Needs A Drink” by Drive-By Truckers