VIDEO The latest installment of Brian Williams rapping is here, and it is spectacular

The talented and tireless editors at The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon have presented us with their latest creation. Over the past few months, we’ve been serenaded by Brian Williams “singing” several of hip-hop’s greatest hits, so it was probably only a matter of time before we got to hear his rendition of Sir Mix-A-Lot’s finest:



While the continued series is a hilarious treat, it’s also an impressive feat of editing. Hats off to the interns and producers for sifting through what must be thousands of hours of Brian Williams footage, looking for not just the right words, but the correct inflection and tone.

For further proof of the applause everyone involved with these videos deserves, here’s Williams doing “Rapper’s Delight”:



And here’s Williams talking to Fallon about his talents:


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