SISTER WIVES Was Kody Brown excluded from daughter Gwendlyn’s wedding?

Sister Wives star Gwendlyn Brown got married to partner Beatriz Queiroz this weekend. Were Kody and Robyn Brown absent? Christine Brown’s fiancé David Woolley attended.

See photos from the event here…

Sister Wives

Sister Wives is a series from TLC that focuses on the polygamist Brown family led by Kody Brown. For 17 seasons the show has highlighted life with his 4 wives Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn.

The family has experienced major changes in the last few years, with 3rd wife Christine officially leaving the group in 2021. Meri has also separated from Kody.

According to the explosive trailer for season 18, Janelle may be the next to go. Kody and Robyn are essentially a monogamist couple at the moment, and their children doubt that they will add another wife.

Gwendlyn and Beatriz

Gwendlyn Brown is Christine Brown’s daughter, who came out as “raging bisexual” during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. For the last year she has been dating Beatriz Queiroz.

The pair got engaged in November 2022 and have been loving life together in Arizona ever since.

Gwendlyn is active on social media, vocal about “exposing” the truth about her family. She often does TikTok videos and YouTube live where she spills the tea about the reality behind their reality show.


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Missing members at the Brown wedding

Gwen and Beatriz are officially married! As of this weekend, the loving couple are wife and wife!

It appears that a ton of the Brown family was able to attend the event… with rare appearances by Janelle’s oldest son Logan Brown and Meri’s non-binary child Leon Brown being featured interacting with the family on social media for the first time in a while.

Originally Gwendlyn had said that every member of the Brown family would be invited except for her brother Paedon with whom she’s been feuding with for years. Paedon not only denounces the LGBTQIA+ community, but he has also gotten into a physical altercation with his sister the duo has clearly not moved on from.

UPDATE: While originally we reported that Kody and Robyn were not in attendance, it does appear that they were there – fans spotted the curly haired patriarch in the background of one of Christine’s videos.

This is interesting because it means he must have interacted with her new love, David Woolley. We sure hope the TLC cameras were rolling to catch this meet and greet!

Congrats to the new Mrs. and Mrs. Queiroz! We would have surely attended had we been on the guest list 😉

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