THE DUGGARS Does rebel James Duggar smoke marijuana? PHOTO/VIDEO

19 Kids and Counting star James Duggar is the newest family member to be deemed a “rebel.”

From spending time in pubs to travelling without chaperones, Duggar seems to be breaking all the rules of his strict, religious family.

Has James Duggar taken the next bold step and begun smoking marijuana? See the shocking photo below and decide for yourself…

James ‘Rebel’ Duggar

James Duggar, 21, starred on 19 Kids and Counting before the series was cancelled in 2015.

Since then, the Duggar son has become known as a “rebel,” similar to his siblings Jinger and Jill. James has been seen galivanting across Europe, spending time in bars and doing several activities without a chaperone in sight.

James Duggar gets pilot license, visits pub, despite John David’s near-fatal crash

Breaking from the strict religious practices of the Institute of Basic Life Principles, several Duggar children have dropped their modesty standards and changed their stance on alcohol. Is drug use the next frontier?

Duggar drug use

Even though Jinger Vuolo and Jill Dillard have both spoken out on loosening their judgements against alcohol, not one Duggar has said a peep about drugs… until now.

In the screenshot below, James Duggar is shown mimicking what could easily be interpreted as a joint. Other factors that confirm the theory? His squinted eyes that appear to be “high”… as well as the bold caption “Party!!🥳”

While it looks like the Duggar and his friends are simply riding around in a truck, what could he possibly be implying by captioning the below Instagram reel this way?

Full Video Here:

No drugs are shown in the reel, and nothing is confirmed for sure… but the unusual combination of factors has us wondering if James Duggar is the first of Jim-Bob’s children to smoke the ‘devil’s lettuce.’

(Also interesting to note that since he is 21, if he goes somewhere weed is deregulated, there would be nothing stopping the Duggar from legally obtaining it.)

What do you think? Are the implications in the video just a coincidence or has James gone completely off the rails? We can’t wait to see if there are more clues that point to the rebel’s debauchery.

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