Teen robbed at gunpoint by teen pot buyer he planned to rob

Waco teen robber robbed by robbing pot buyer in marijuana deal that never was

A lack of honor among thieves can start at a very young age, as evidenced by the fact that police in Waco, Texas are currently looking for a juvenile suspect who allegedly robbed another juvenile at gunpoint during a drug deal that never was. The victim told police that he arranged to sell marijuana to a heavyset acquaintance, but his plan to “grab the potential weed buyer’s money and then outrun the heavyset customer” went south when the “buyer” pulled out a gun!

According to Waco police, the buyer “discovered the victim didn’t actually have any weed and then robbed the juvenile of his cellphone at gunpoint.” In the police department’s official post about the incident, Sgt. W. Patrick Swanton reveals that “the juvenile victim was released back to the safety of his Grandparents,” before assuring the department’s Facebook followers: “No…this is not a made-up story.”

Here is the full post:

Waco teen robber robbed by pot buyer in fake drug deal gone bad

One lesson to be learned from this incident is that if you are a heavyset individual buying drugs from someone who knows your stature and they arrange for the deal to go down on a running track, then you should probably back out. (The other option of wearing your running shoes and bringing a gun might get you a stolen phone in the short term, but the long term results are hardly worth it.)

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