Taylor Swift to take time off because ‘people need a break from me:’ Agree or disagree?

Taylor Swift Taking a Break

Taylor Swift is taking a cue from Anne Hathaway. Remember back in 2013 when Anne Hathaway seemed to be everywhere during her (ultimately successful) Oscar campaign? And then she basically disappeared from the public, later saying she thought “people needed a break from me“? Well, Taylor plans to take break of her own for similar reasons in the near future.

In the new edition of NME, Taylor said she plans to step back from the spotlight when her 1989 World Tour wraps in December. She explained, “I think I should take some time off. People might need a break from me.” For now, it doesn’t seem like she has any solid plans about what she would do with that free time beyond hanging out with her friends. As for the rest, she said she might “write new music” or “maybe not write new music.”

In the past year, it’s often felt impossible to escape the influence of Taylor — if that’s what you wanted to do. Her songs were all over the radio, her face was on countless magazine covers and her outfits were on basically every best-dressed list. But, along with that popularity came some backlash, especially after her VMA drama with Nicki Minaj. That led to Gawker proclaiming in an article titled “Taylor Swift Is Not Your Friend” that, “To think of her as womanhood incarnate is to trick oneself into forgetting about ‘Bad Blood’ and ‘Better Than Revenge.’ Swift isn’t here to help women—she’s here to make bank.” In another article from New York Magazine‘s The Cut, the writer critically said Taylor “easily fits the dominant ideal of thin, white beauty and hasn’t been vocal about questioning it.”

The thing is, even if Taylor takes a “break,” it’s unlikely she’ll go far from the spotlight — at least as long as she continues to date another celebrity, hangs out with her squad and, you know, decides to leave her home. So, is it even worth it?

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