Bruce Jenner does things to spite Jenner women, son Brody Jenner says

Bruce Jenner Ponytail

Bruce Jenner’s ponytail is more than a fashion statement, son Brody Jenner said… It’s a declaration of independence.

“He does a lot of these things in spite of the girls,” Brody told the NY Daily News. “One of the girls will make fun of his hair or say something about his hair, and he’ll grow it longer just because they’re saying that… He’s one of those types. Even though maybe he’ll want to cut it, he won’t just because when he goes over to the house, they’ll say, ‘Oh my God, what’s going on with your hair?'”

Bruce Jenner Ponytail - Kylie Jenner

Brody may side with his dad’s new hairstyle, but no longer holds a grudge against stepmom Kris Jenner — although he once did.

“The tension was real as far as growing up not knowing her intentions, who she is, there was obviously just drama between the family and parents,” Brody said of his reaction when Bruce wed Kris in 1991. “Kris and I have had some very deep, long conversations, and we actually really got to know each other, and so we’re all good now.”

Ironically, Brody and Kris finally managed to get on good terms shortly before Kris and Bruce separated. Bruce and his kids from his pervious marriages have also repaired their relationships, which Brody says boils down to one thing…

“At the end of the day, once you get to that age, the most important thing is, are you there for the kids?”

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