Who is the highest paid Hollywood actress this year?

Forbes has released it’s list of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood this year, and Angelina Jolie, who topped last year’s list, isn’t even in the top three!

It’s a Twilight kind of year! Kristen has topped the list this year because she’s been able to up her asking price on the Twilight franchise. If she walked away for the last two movies, they’d be in a bad spot, so she’s asking a reported $12.5 million for each film (the same for co-stars Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner,) plus a percentage of profits. She is also no doubt raking in residuals from all the previous Twilight films, and she also starred in Snow White and the Huntsman. All together, Stewart is estimated to have totaled $34.5 million this year, barely edging out Cameron Diaz, who earned a clean $34 million.

Here’s the rest of the list:

2. Cameron Diaz – $34 million (Bad Teacher)

3. Sandra Bullock – $25 million (Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close, plus residuals)

4. Angelina Jolie – $20 million (Mostly residuals and endorsement deals, like Louis Vuitton)

5. Charlize Theron – $18 million (Young Adult, Snow White & The Huntsman, Prometheus)

6. Julia Roberts – $16 million (Larry Crowne, Mirror, Mirror, probably residuals)

7. Sarah Jessica Parker – $15 million (I Don’t Know How She Does It, SATC reruns, perfume sales)

8. Meryl Streep – $12 million (The Iron Lady, residuals)

9. Kristin Wiig – $12 million (Bridesmaids, Friends with Kids, SNL, and first big budget film The Secret Life of Walter Mitty)

10. Jennifer Aniston – $11 million (Just Go With It, Horrible Bosses, endorsement deals like Smartwater)