SUMMER HOUSE Did Paige DeSorbo predict Lindsay and Danielle’s fall out?

Summer House season 7 is now airing on Bravo and fans are starting to see how big storylines unfold.

Lindsay Hubbard and Danielle Olivera have had a friendship falling out, no longer bff’s by the conclusion of the season. Interestingly, it looks like Paige DeSorbo may have seen it coming all along.

Lindsay and Carl

The big reason for tension in the Summer House this year was the relationship of costars Lindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke. While the two OG’s had attempted dating in the past to no prevail, this time they surprised everyone by not only dating but quickly getting engaged.

Radke was working for Kyle and Amanda Cooke’s alcohol brand Loverboy until deciding to part ways with the seltzer line.

Radke claimed it was to support his new found sobriety, but Cooke speculated it was likely Lindsay who was driving a wedge between him and their business.

Lindsay and Danielle

So why does this impact the girl’s friendship? Well, it looks like Lindsay Hubbard might be a little bit self-absorbed. That’s what Danielle Olivera has been calling her in recent interviews, and it’s hard not to agree.

Hubbard is currently focused on Radke, who was also once linked to Olivera. Despite the hastiness of their engagement, Hubbard was expecting Olivera to immediately champion the relationship.

Danielle wasn’t interesting in gassing up Lindsay’s impulsive decisions so the two of them have ultimately had a falling out. While many did NOT see this coming… some fans are starting to realize that Paige DeSorbo may have.

Lindsay and Paige

Paige DeSorbo is a reality star and she is quick to speak when she see’s something that isn’t kosher. In the most recent episode of Summer House, DeSorbo is already questioning Lindsay’s treatment of Danielle.

Did DeSorbo predict that this one-sided friendship was destined to fail? Twitter thinks so, and isn’t holding their opinions back.

Summer House season 7 is currently airing Monday’s on Bravo.

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