Teen Mom Halloween costumegery: Jenelle Evans as a sexy cop

Teen Mom 2 Jenelle Evans will be wearing this sexy sheriff Halloween costume this year

In our second installment of Teen Mom Halloween costume suggestions we actually got beat to the punch by the Teen Mom 2 star most familiar with beating and punching, Jenelle Evans, who gave away what she would be wearing this Halloween by sharing an image of the sexy cop costume she had just purchased on eBay on her Facebook page.

Jenelle Evans sexy sheriff costume with sunglassesI considered going in another direction for Jenelle, but I eventually had to yield to the clever irony of her choice. (Well played, Jenelle!) So, instead of just a suggestion for what Jenelle should wear on Old Hallow’s Eve, this post is actually a glimpse into the future of what she will be wearing on Halloween, which is both Kieffer Delp’s wildest fantasy, and his worst nightmare!

(The sexy sheriff costume also comes with some badass cop shades, but I left those off above so we could all see Jenelle’s infamous duck face unobstructed! I included the shades version to the right.)

Although I doubt this is the outfit Jenelle will be wearing while out trick or treating with her son Jace, I figured I would stick with the theme for his costume. No doubt everyone would agree that Jenelle is the “bad” cop, so to balance things out it seems only right that Jace should be the “good” cop in his own sheriff costume!

Jace from Teen Mom 2 wearing an adorable sheriff costume

That kid is destined for Mayberry dontcha think? He is from North Carolina after all! (CLICK HERE to order yours from SpiritHalloween.com!)

Sadly, Jenelle’s last boyfriend was early for Halloween. He dressed as Cinderella’s horse-drawn carriage before turning into a pumpkin after only two weeks and then selling out Jenelle to the tabloids. But, Jenelle is an attractive young lady with a gregarious personality, so I think there’s a good chance she’ll find another beau prior to Halloween. And when she does, I have the perfect costume for him as well!

Kieffer Delp Halloween costume - a green Abercrombie & Fitch hoodie

Oh man – I really think someone could make millions selling those Kieffer Delp costumes! Any venture capitalists out there wanna partner up with us?

OK Jenelle – we expect to see actual photos of you as T.J. Hooker soon!

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