Teen Mom fight update: Amber Portwood chimes in, Evans’ lawyer cries foul

Teen Mom Fight montage Jenelle Evans, Kieffer Delp, Spider-Man, Britany Truett, Brittany Maggard

The avalanche of circumstances following the already infamous Jenelle Evans Teen Mom fight video has kept Starcasm busy!  The action is happening fast and furious like Jenelle’s right hook so this is gonna be a comprehensive update of the latest in regards to the whole messed up situation.

As we reported, the Brunswick County Police Department hauled in half of the teens in Carolina after viewing the video.  Jenelle Evans (puncher), Britany Truett (receiver of punches), Brittany Maggard (the pusher), and Kieffer Delp (a total delper) all got their mug shots on.  Let’s break this down.

Jenelle Evans: Jenelle has been charged with misdemeanor affray – disorderly conduct for fighting in a public place.  She posted her $500 bail and is now under the representation of Dustin Sullivan who believes that the whole thing was a set up and that his client took the bait.  Here’s a photo of Mr. Sullivan from his firm Sullivan & Snow’s website:

Teen Mom Jenelle Evans' defense attorney Dustin Sullivan of Sullivan & Snow.

TMZ spoke with Sullivan and he’s got a quite a few things that trouble him about the brawl and the way it all went down.  First he states that Brittany Maggard and others were paid substantially for the video and photos related to the incident.  Second he finds it suspicious that so many cameras were present, ready and waiting as seen in the clip.  Third he is troubled by the fact that Britany Truett waited five days to call the police.

Britany Truett: Britany was arrested and then charged with the same thing as Jenelle.  She has remained quiet following a peace making exchange via Facebook between herself and Jenelle.  Since her change of heart she’s unleashed photos from right after the fight which can be seen here.  If convicted all 3 girls could face up to 60 days in jail.

Mr. Sullivan has stated that he will be interviewing the cheering fight crowd to determine if Britany was the mastermind behind his theorized set up.

Brittney Maggard: Britany was also arrested and then charged with the same offense as the other two girls.  She talked candidly about wanting to start the fight, being “pissed” at Jenelle for not helping go her bail and her relief at not having her mismatched Spider-Man sock photographed in her mug shot seen above (far right).  You can read her comments in detail here.

District Attorney John Davis: This is the man who has had this whole legal mess dumped in his lap.  He is the one bringing charges against the three girls for their involvement.  He explained his decision this way:

“Essentially, the offense involves a disorderly conduct by fighting in a public place,” Davis says. “Because the offense involves a disturbance in a public place by fighting, the victim Ms. Truett is appropriately charged. The charge is also fitting for a person who actively encourages another to pariticate in a fight. In this respect, we jointly made the decision to charge Brittany Maggard.”

Kieffer Delp: Delp was arrested for an outstanding warrant on cocaine possession.  When the authorities came to arrest Jenelle, Delp was on hand so they just went on and rounded him up too.  In the process Kieffer has helped us introduce an entirely new word, “delper,” into the English lexicon which you can learn about here.

Teen Mom 2 bad boy Kieffer Delp mug shot for a cocaine possession charge

Amber Portwood: Portwood was the original Teen Mom bad girl for slapping baby-daddy Gary Shirley around in front of her child but has since been partially demoted from that crown thanks to this whole situation.  A while back Amber talked some jack about Jenelle who responded in kind which you can follow up on here.  Of course Amber had something to say about this fight to E News:

“My goodness, I feel bad for her.  She’s not going to like the world hating her. Welcome to my life. Hopefully she learns from this.  Sorry, but there was no reason for my actions, and neither is there for hers.”

MTV: The network that airs the popular Teen Mom shows is essentially taking the silent route in regards to all of Evans’ legal troubles.  When contacted by E the network had no comment when asked whether or not they enable Evans’ behavior and stated only that, “MTV cameras were not present at the time of the incident.”

All Mug Shots:Splashnews.com / Spider-Man: WENN.com