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Big Brother 13 Shelly Moore

Shelly Moore at 41 is the oldest “new” contestant for Big Brother 13. The happily married mother of one is ready to take on the challenge of trying to win the grand prize of $500,000 not only from the other 7 new housemates but from the six returning pairs from previous seasons that America can vote on! Can you say Jeff and Jordan anybody?

According to her bio information courtesy of CBS the successful businesswoman is an Outdoor Industry Executive who most enjoys the quality time she gets to spend with her family. The self-described dynamic, giving and tenacious Moore also has a quirky passion of collecting junk mail and returning it postage paid. You know I think we’d all love to do that if we took the time. Her hometown is Centerville, Ohio but she resides in Prairieville, LA.

She feels that her qualities as a proven leader will be her strongest asset when she’s in the house. She has the team building strategy that was able, in the form of “The Brigade,” to take last year’s winner Hayden Moss to the top. She’s a big fan of Jeff and Jordan from Season 11 but I think that will change once she realizes that she will be competing against them (they are a shoe-in to return it looks like – TECHNOTRONICS).

She’s very proud of the daughter she’s raised and will miss her the most as she enters the Venice Beach themed BB House. If she could, she said she would take a photo of her hubby and her daughter smiling into the house as well as Monster Blue energy drink and ear plugs. I totally get the ear plugs part Shelly. 🙂

Her motto is based on a quote from Teddy Roosevelt:

“It is not the critic who counts, not the man who points out how the strong man stumbled, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man in the arena…”

If she were to win she says she’s make a beeline to St. Jude’s with her daughter and do all she could for those kids. Sounds like Mrs. Moore has lots of heart which isn’t always the best thing when you’re trying to win Big Brother.

Check out Shelly’s preview video from CBS in which she answers questions from fans. I’ll follow-up the clip with a full transcript:

Q: Other than the money, why do you want to win Big Brother?

Shelly: That’s a great question. I would like to do Big Brother, I think it’s the greatest human experiment out there. I want to take all the skills I’ve learned through my life from a child, to a college student, to a working woman and see if I can really put them all together and blast the competition. It’s about winning.

Q: What did you leave behind to play Big Brother?

Shelly: That’s a nice question and an easy one to answer. I left behind a beautiful little girl, a loving husband, and a family that is second to none. I also left behind a really good job that I took a leave of absence for. I hope they forgive me when they see this on TV.

Q: How will you make this the most unique season so far?

Shelly: I will make this a unique season this year because I represent the average American. I’m not Barbie, I’m definitely not Ken, I’m just out there to show how normal people can play this game, go in and win it and have a heck of a lot of fun.

Q: What is your worst fear about being in the house?

Shelly: My biggest fear without a doubt is the cameras in the bathroom. I don’t want any rear end shots from me trying to change, trying to get out so I’ve actually converted all of my underwear to shorts so if they happen to cath me it looks like shorts. No butt shots from this girl.

-> I would like to interrupt this Q&A to say that what Shelly said may be my favorite quote from these preview videos. Now I can’t wait to not see her butt but instead see her panty-shorts. Awesome!

Shelly Moore promo shot for Big Brother

Q: Who is your favorite Big Brother player ever?

Shelly: My favorite Big Brother player ever is a combination of two, it’s Jeff and Jordan. They made a great team, they were always a wonderful team to watch. I couldn’t ever separate the two of them but I take traits from both of them to make a really really good player. They were classy, they were dignified and you know what, some of their not being able to tell time by one side or the other made it a heck of a lot of fun to watch.

Q: Are you looking forward to a showmance this season?

Shelly: No showmances for this girl. Happily married with a little girl at home and I hope I get back to them in about three months. Not for me.

Q: How far will you go to make your way to the top?

Shelly: I’ll go all the way. I’m going to play as hard as I can. I’m going to play from the first day. I want to set up alliances. I want to have fun. I want to do it in a classy way and I just want to take everybody one by one and say bye bye, bye bye. I’m going all the way so give a lot of cheers.

To reiterate, I think Shelly is going to fall out of her shorts-panties when she sees that Jeff and Jordan are in the house! I think she has a good strategy but there’s something about her demeanor even from that video that’s difficult to take. I hope she knows not to come out too aggressive from the start, that almost never works.

I was able to hunt down Shelly’s old Twitter-handle in which she touts the business of (where size DOES matter). Here’s a video promoting the software product that is able to accurately get info on white tail deer size following a kill even off of photographs:

From her feed you can tell she leans right politically and that she is indeed a Jeff and Jordan fan as she claims. Here’s a sample of Shelly’s J&J love:

Shelly Moore of Big Brother 13 supports Jeff and Jordan on Twitter

UPDATE: Following the eviction of Jeff due in large part to Shelly’s actions her family has received death threats and her company has been flooded with calls requesting that they fire her. Below I had specifics about whom Shelly worked for but have edited that out in wake of this trend.

I previously mentioned that Shelly is a successful businesswoman and she left what she called a great job to appear on the show. I was able to find some more specific info in regards to her career as she works for a company focused on brand building, sales management outsourcing, technology/media management and business process outsourcing for the Outdoor Lifestyle community.”

Back in 2010 her employer posted an announcement about Shelly becoming the VP of Business Development for the company. Included are an impressive list of accomplishments such as:

-> Managing her own business, M3 Product Solutions
-> Served as COO of John Marshall Design out of Baton rouge, LA
-> VP of Sales and Marketing for Robinson Outdoors expanding sales from 4 million to 18 million in four years
-> Magna Cum Laude Graduate of Eastern Kentucky University with a BS in Elementary Education
-> Serves on the Board of Directors of The Sportsman’s Legacy Foundation

Not too shabby of a rĂ©sumĂ© right there folks! The write-up also mentions that her husband was a former U.S. Marine so she knows how to handle a tough cookie under the same roof! Good luck to Shelly and if you’re wanting to catch the exact moment that the short-panties are revealed to the world you can click on the link below for the Big Brother Live Feed that is even accessible via cellphone this year!


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