TEEN MOM Bar’s brother Troy Seales sentenced 50 years to life for murder conviction

On April 6, Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant star Bariki “Bar” Smith’s older brother Troy Seales was convicted of murder in addition to other charges stemming from a shooting in East Oakland in August of last year. Troy’s sentencing was held up after his attorney filed a lengthy motion asking for a new trial citing numerous reasons — including multiple witnesses changing their testimony, a new witness, and reports of jurors falling asleep during the trial. That motion was denied, and a California judge handed down Troy’s sentence on Wednesday.

UPDATE – This article originally included a post made by Bar on Instagram in which he expressed his frustration over the ruling. Bar asked that we remove the comments, and given the situation with his brother’s potential appeal, we agreed to remove them.

Troy’s sentence is a staggering 50 years to life in prison. Court records indicate that the 50 years to life is actually two sentences: 25 years for first degree murder, and another consecutive 25 years due to a sentence enhancement statute regarding the use of a firearm during the commission of a serious felony. Troy also received a total of 40 years for additional sentence enhancements, but those do not appear to be consecutive.

Troy also received a sentence of seven years for shooting at an inhabited dwelling/occupied building, although that sentence is stayed.

Court records also indicate that Troy will be serving his time at San Quentin State Prison.

Unfortunately, Troy’s sentencing and Bar’s reaction stirred up some drama with their mother Shen, who took to Facebook to express her frustration with the court system and with Bar:

So my son has to appeal. Judge says all the issues in trial r appeal issues smh so on goes the battle. Bar called me completely loaded acting so devastated talking crazy mom I love u etc etc but where r u? No visits no feeding him. Didn’t attend trial and now u calling me at 3am. Love don’t do what u have done to this family. I love my son but i can’t deal with his b.s. right now. My focus is troy and the continued fight. Instead of. Calling loaded book a visit do something to help cause u haven’t been part of any of this. U have lived your life and now u blast sh*t on here after i told u lawyer said no smh some one tag his ass and tell him i knew He was full of sh*t and it was the pills and alcohol talking again

Im doing a live soon to give details of case and why. Since my dumb ass selfish son who called me promising me not to put it here and he did it anyway against legal advice has proven he is completely gone. the attention and fake as image he made up waste important than what lawyer said smh right now I just need time this pain is unreal

I deleted my 1st post ever im thriving on sheer emotion right now. My son has crossed his last line. This family is devastated and bar can’t stop worrying about his storyline. The child i raised is gone and my energy is on my 1st born and me feeling better. I am bruised right now. This family will not fold we never have but mommy is flying with one wing right now. So now u trolls got something to talk about. But my real war is not with u its with the corrupt system that has failed us as it has so many others. If u talk sh*t and thrive on our pain then u will burn in hell.

Shen kept things a little more positive and focused on Troy with a caption to a photo of him on Instagram. “The justice system protects their own we protect ours,” Shen wrote. “We have just began son. This family has never folded and is built on strength and loyalty. Mommy hopes for the best but prepares for the worst. Just hold on son we won’t stop till this is right.”

Bar’s fiancée Ashley Jones also responded to the news about Troy on Twitter by declining to comment:

I’m getting a lot of questions about Bars brother Troy but to be honest guys this is a sensitive situation for Bars family and when they are ready to give y’all the details they will. I’m just here for support. What I can say, is to keep their family in your prayers. ????

Ashley later seemed to address what Shen posted about Bar trying to promote a story line:

As Shen mentioned, all of the arguments included in the defense’s motion for a new trial will more than likely be revisited in an attempted appeal. We will continue to monitor the case and share any major updates.

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