TEEN MOM Is Ashley Jones dating rapper 600 Breezy? Says she & Bar broke up in December!

Is Teen Mom Ashley Jones' new boyfriend rapper 600 Breezy?

Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant couple Ashley Jones and Bariki “Bar” Smith confirmed last week that they have officially split up, but apparently they actually broke up months ago! Ashley posted a Detective Pikachu themed photo with rapper 600 Breezy earlier today, and in the comments she not only seemed to confirm that she and the rapper are dating, but also that she and Bar broke up way back in December!

“Y’all seen pikachu?” Ashley began her caption for the photo. “We didn’t but the pic is cute ?? imy btw.” 600 Breezy (real name Antonio) replied in the comments: “I miss you too ??”

Here’s the picture:

Ashley and Antonio have been flirty in the comments before, but the photo of them together seemed to all but confirm they are dating.



Given that the split between Ashley and Bar was only confirmed recently, many jumped to the conclusion that Ashley was rebounding VERY quickly. She was even more quick to clarify:

COMMENT: ? wait weren’t you just with BD two weeks ago???

ASHLEY: been single since December. Officially decided it on feb 22. Know your facts ??

COMMENT: I’m totally here for this was just a little confused ??‍♀️ bc of post i seen thanks for the clarity though ?

ASHLEY: me celebrating him as a father is way different from me celebrating him as a spouse ❤️❤️ I understand your confusion.

Other comments expressed concerns that Holly might be getting a younger sibling soon if Ashley isn’t careful. “Hopefully Ashley isn’t pregnant with her new boo like Kayla was!” one commenter wrote. “Pastor Tea ain’t having it ? Jamie ain’t put her foot down.”

Ashley continued working Shut Down Patrol: “This birth control works hunty. Don’t stress that,” she wrote. She would later reveal that she has the IUD implant, although she is wanting to change birth control methods because the implant “has made me sick for a while off and on.”


Ashley shared a photo of a smoking hot dish in the kitchen (i.e. herself in a bikini) on Instagram yesterday and captioned it by writing: “That look you give bae when the henny kick in ?.” Antonio responded with a simple ? emoji. “Just 10 more days ?” Ashley assured him.

On Valentine’s Day, Antonio shared a photo wearing a pink hoodie and carrying balloons and flowers. “Show up at yo door like ‘hey bae’???,” he wrote in the caption. “But you didn’t tho ?,” Ashley replied. Antonio smoothly answered her with: “watch this ?”

It’s unclear if Antonio will be featured on the next season of Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant. If so, being in the national spotlight will be nothing new for him. His most recent incarceration made national headlines as a paradigm for how black Americans are treated different than whites in the American justice system.

Antonio King arrests 600 Breezy mug shots


Antonio and eight others were arrested in Waterloo, Iowa in 2012 after officers conducted a series of drug raids. He was later found guilty and sentenced to ten years, but he got five years of probation on a suspended sentence. The Iowa Department of Corrections transferred Antonio’s case to Illinois, and Antonio stayed out of trouble for more than four years.

However, just three months before he was scheduled to complete his probation, the Iowa Department of Corrections decided to violate Antonio based on social media posts of him traveling without permission and posing with weapons, plus two drug tests that tested positive for marijuana.

The judge threw out the social media evidence, but still sentenced Antonio to the full ten years because of the marijuana.

Antonio’s attorney issued a statement in which she revealed that he used marijuana to help with PTSD after being shot twice in separate incidents.

Here is an Instagram post made by Antonio’s team after the sentencing:

Rapper 600 breezy arrested instagram post

And here is the first part of a news segments about a Waterloo town hall meeting inspired by Antonio’s case:


Antonio’s legal team continued to press for his release, and eventually they were successful. After serving 16 months, Antonio was freed on December 12 of last year.

Antonio was excited during an Instagram live session recorded the night of his release. “This sh*t real, ni**a. They thought I wasn’t coming back,” he said. “They thought a ni**a had 10 years. They thought it was muf**kin’ over wit…Yeah, I’m back, ni**a. They thought it was over. Who got ten years, ni**a? F**k they talkin’ ’bout. They thought I had 10 years, ni**a. That’s crazy.”

600 Breezy and Drake


In addition to a strong legal team and support from around the country, Antonio also had the support of Canadian rapper Drake!

Antonio talked about his relationship with Drake with XXL in 2017:

The South Side Chicago rapper started getting hot in his city around the summer of 2014, when he released a song called “Don’t Get Smoked.” The track wouldn’t really pop until the following year, and when it finally got to Drake’s ears, he loved it (He even played it on the sixth episode of OVO Sound Radio in September 2015).

“That’s how we first talked,” Breezy tells XXL. “He sent me a clip of him going crazy to ‘Don’t Get Smoked,’ gave me some inspiring words, and from there he shot me his number. I didn’t even ask for it, he gave me his number and from there we been keeping in touch.”

They’d been talking for months before finally meeting at one of Drake’s Atlanta shows in September 2015, and from then on they remained friends.

The friendship would later result in a collaboration as Drake asked Antonio for a drop to be featured as part of Drake’s More Life playlist. “We were just having a conversation and he just came out of nowhere like, ‘I need that drop for More Life,'” Antonio revealed. “It just came out the blue. I didn’t even ask for it, and that’s all I needed to hear. I just gave him a little voice-over right there, and that’s what it was.”

You can hear Antonio featured at the end of “Lose You.”

Drake would later request that Antonio open for him in Canada, and it was Antonio’s request to travel for that which triggered the Iowa DOC to violate his probation.

After Antonio was arrested for the probation violation, a text message from Drake to one of Antonio’s team members surfaced online. “I won’t let him sit,” Drake allegedly wrote. “We will do everything we can.”


Getting back to Ashley Jones and Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant, there hasn’t been any reaction from Bar specifically about Ashley dating 600 Breezy. In case you were unaware, Bar is an aspiring rapper himself, and I’m sure he is feeling some kind of way about the new relationship!

Bar is not one to hold his tongue, so we will certainly keep our eyes and ears peeled for his inevitable input. Stay tuned!

If you need something to tide you over until the next Bar and Ashley update, you can head on over to YouTube and check out 600 Breezy’s latest music video for the single “Feds Watch.” I would embed it here, but the graphic language is a wee bit too much for our advertisers.

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