Kail was ‘desperate’ when she married Javi, says he was cast on True Life before they met, Javi responds

Javi Marroquin under the bus

The massive pileup continues as pretty much everyone is throwing Teen Mom 2 dad Javi Marroquin under the bus! After being publicly humiliated by Briana DeJesus and her family (and MTV) on the current season of the show, Javi’s ex Kail Lowry is piling on as she took to Twitter to reveal that she “ignored red flags” and was “desperate” when she married him in 2013!

Kail’s comments came as part of a conversation with other Twitter users. Here is a recap:

@AnonOpinion411: Without MTV, Javi wouldn’t have gotten to screw any of these girls. Desperate to spread it because he’s on tv. Not a real celebrity either ?. Without the show he’s just another ugly with zero style, fish lips, tiny weenie, bad tattoos, and those ugly white socks.

@17HockeyStud: I’m not a @Javimarroquin9 fan but #MTV did not give him @KailLowry or the girl he had before Kail. He seemed like a good stable guy years ago but his reputation nosedived really hard this year. #teenmom2 #teenmom

@AnonOpinion411: It creeped me out when he kept bugging her at her job to date him like he was hungry to be on tv

KAIL: When i met javi he lied to me and told me he didn’t know who i was… creeped his twitter and sure as sh*t he had tweeted me a week prior. That was after he got picked to do True life and the girl refused.

@OfficiallyNio: But but but why did you got married with him if you knew all of this? ?

KAIL: I was young and ignored red flags apparently. What most would call desperate ???

In a since-deleted tweet, Javi responded to Kail’s comments by taking the high road: “Stop tweeting about me. Stop seeking validation Move on please. Like we’re grown now…That’s for the birds.”

Someone asked Javi why he deleted his tweet, and he responded by writing: “Because we’re too grown to be going back and fourth. I’m enjoying my life as privately as I can. I don’t need to be looking for validation from social media. I’m past that stage of my life.”

Javi may have moved on from seeking validation from social media, but he’s still seeking clicks from social media, as evidenced by this promoted link to an article about himself from his Instagram story:

Javi Marroquin links to an article about himself on Instagram

Meanwhile, Javi “enjoying [his] life as privately as [he] can” doesn’t mean you can’t follow him on social media to keep up with him and his pregnant girlfriend Lauren Comeau with their daily updates. You can also keep up with Javi and Lauren by reading his exclusive interviews with Radar Online, etc.

On a side note, what was this True Life episode going to be about?! This is the first I’m hearing about that!

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