Leah Calvert’s family feuds on Facebook after her grandma and brother-in-law got into a physical fight

Victoria Messer Jones - Leah's Sister

Last month, Leah Calvert’s younger sister, Victoria Messer, wed fiancé Brian Jones in a courthouse ceremony attended by friends and family. But, it seems the pair skipped over the honeymoon period and jumped right into publicly feuding with her family.

A source close to the situation told The Ashley’s Reality Roundup the drama began last week when Leah’s grandma Sandy Kay confronted Brian about rumors he was physically abusing Victoria. Sandy was allegedly armed with a pipe, but Brian struck Sandy before Victoria helped him get away.

Victoria Messer and Sandy Kay
Sandy, Victoria and Dawn Spears in April.

As crazy as it all sounds, the family appeared to confirm all of the details in a series of Facebook comments on Sandy’s wall.

“Sandy Kay I do love you, your my grandmother but because of the lies you’ve told and for your doing.. You’ve lost a granddaughter,” Victoria said on Saturday.

“I haven’t told no lies… If I would have hit him with a pipe like I tried they would have called him an ambulance,” Sandy fired back at Victoria, who is nicknamed “Oreo” by the family. “Someday oreo you are gonna see his controlling way I just hope it’s not before he beats the hell out of first.”

“I don’t know what lying gets you that makes you feel good, but its nonsense,” Victoria responded. “Were not hiding anywhere.. Matters a fact.. Go ahead and have them kill me to, cause anymore I don’t even care. A lot of people know how you are, that’s why their staying out of it.”

Leah Calvert Family Feud

Most of the family seems to be taking Sandy’s side in the situation, including Victoria’s mom, Dawn Spears, who told her daughter “that’s enough” on Facebook and reportedly threatened Brian in a now-deleted post. Another family member also scolded Victoria for speaking to her grandmother in such a manner and warned Victoria that she’ll likely regret it later.

Leah hasn’t commented on the situation — although it might be telling that she never publicly acknowledged her sister’s wedding last month, even though she was maid of honor.

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