Teen Mom 2 Season 7 Reunion spoilers. What happened? Who was there? Who wasn’t there?

Teen Mom 2 Season 7 Reunion 2016 cast couch

The moms and some of the dads and kids (more on that shortly) were in Los Angeles over the weekend to film the Teen Mom 2 Reunion special with Dr. Drew, and several of those in attendance have since spilled some tea about what happened (and what didn’t happen) online!

The first thing I should mention, as hinted at in the paragraph above, is that there were quite a few notable absences from the taping — including most of the children! According to numerous reports, the only Teen Mom 2 kids who were at the reunion were Jenelle’s sons Jace and Kaiser, and Leah and Jeremy’s daughter Addie. That’s it! (Well, Jenelle’s boyfriend David Eason’s daughter Maryssa was also there.)

Jenelle Evans Babs Evans Jace Kaiser David Eason daughter Maryssa

That means that Isaac, Lincoln, Aubree, Ali and Aleeah all skipped out! There are reports, however, that some of the kids (most likely Isaac, Lincoln, and Aubree) talked via Skype. It should be pointed out that most of the children are now school aged, and the taping was in April. (Chelsea mentioned on Twitter that Aubree chose to miss the Reunion instead of school.) That being said, it’s still remarkable how many of them were not there!

And the kids weren’t the only ones that blew off the Reunion. Dads Javi Marroquin (who is currently deployed), Jo Rivera, Jeremy Calvert, and Corey Simms were also not in attendance. Chelsea Houska’s fiance Cole DeBoer did make the trip, but just like last season, he reportedly declined to be filmed. Also in attendance but not filmed was Nathan’s girlfriend Jessica Henry.

UPDATE – We spoke with a reliable source who tells us Jo Rivera WAS at the Reunion. That kind of turns the tide a little bit because that means Leah’s exes were the only dads who weren’t there.


That means that, in addition to the moms Jenelle Evans, Kailyn Lowry, Leah Messer, and Chelsea Houska, family members in attendance included Cole DeBoer, Adam Lind, Nathan Griffith, David Eason (as well as his daughter and his mother), Babs Evans, Dr. Randy Houska, and Randy’s wife Rita. I might be leaving one or two out, but that’s pretty much it.

Adam Lind Babs Evans LA 2016

The fact that many cast members decided to skip out on the taping, combined with some of them already claiming to have quit the show (mostly the dads), many fans are speculating that the current season of Teen Mom 2 may be the last. I suppose we will have to wait and see about that.

On a side note, there were also reports that MTV filmed a Mother’s Day special with just the moms. If that happened, then I am guessing we will know more about that very soon!

In addition to celebrating Mother’s Day early, the moms also celebrated Leah’s birthday! Here’s a photo with all of them, plus Addie and Leah’s cake:

Leah Messer birthday Teen Mom 2 Reunion

One audience member took to Twitter after to share her thoughts, although she was VERY careful not to share too much information because she signed a non-disclosure agreement that was “no joke.” Because of her concerns, I will not mention her Twitter ID. 😉

Instead of injecting my own comments and observations, I think I will just present her tweets and those tweets she was responding to (when available) and let them speak for themselves. So here they are in roughly chronological order with some slight editing for readability and flow. Her tweets are in bold, and others’ tweets are in italics:

I just got out. Had to leave my phone in the car.

OMG@HOW WAS IT?!?! Who did u see??

it was AWESOME!!! I saw everyone!!! I can’t say too much though cos I signed an NDA.

Oh come on now. ?

really. There’s a lot I wanna say but I don’t wanna get sued ???

How would they even know? Did you have to give them your twitter handle? ?

if you signed the paper I did you would know how serious it is.

You would think this was the Academy Awards or something. ?

tell me about it. They told us like 4 times. That NDA is no joke.

just toss us a bone ?=Jess ?=No Jess


Can you say which girls you got to see film?

all of them filmed. I saw all of them.

You went to the morning & afternoon shows?


So I’m just gonna tweet out some obvs. that don’t give away anything story wise.

Here are my general observations from the #TeenMom2 reunion:

1. Adam is even more of an ass in person. He was there the whole time and was loving it when the girls in the audience fawned over him.

2. Barbara is really short. Like crazy short. And she’s the only person everyone clapped for without a cue. It was hilarious.

3. Everyone looked gorgeous honestly except for JE. And all I’ll say about that is I don’t think she even washed her hair. It looked gross.

4. I left before Leah’s segment taped cos I was there all day and saw everything I wanted to see already but she came out and looked good.

5. They showed a clip of JE from the end of the season that will make y’all hate her dumb@ss ven more. That’s all I’ll say about that.

6. DrDrew asks really dumb ?’s and doesn’t support them when he should. If they air the part that I’m talking about I’ll talk about it.

Chelsea Houska Kail Lowry LA 2016

Did they bring Kaiser out while Nathan was there?

I think that’s bordering on story so I’m not gonna say ?

What about Cole, did he partake this year?

oh yea cole was there and he’s even hotter in person if that’s possible lol ???

OMG! Did was he & Adumb on stage together?!

nah cole didn’t go on stage just like on last reunion. He was in the back watching.

I would so love to hear what he has to say, but I respect him so much for not getting into all that Adumb bs publicly

yea just wait till y’all see the sh!t Adam pulled on stage when it airs. He’s such an ass.

How was Kail’s segment?


Did Javi Skype in?

can’t say.


I know. I’m sorry. That’s the kind of shit I can’t say, I’m pretty sure.

Did anybody throw a temper tantrum&walk off, or did you hear any1 yell monkey

lol nah everything seemed to run pretty smooth.

Are we going to feel at all satisfied after watching it?

I think so ?

Not one call of MONKEY? That’s disappointing

I didn’t see Leah’s segment so I can’t say.

Awe man, it’s too bad you didn’t stay for hers…I can’t wait

it was such a long day. Once I saw JEs segment I was done lol

did she get engaged during the reunion?


why can’t you say ?

I signed an NDA that says if I say anything that gives away the show on get sued for [animated gif of Dr. Evil saying “one meeeellion dollars.”]

I know this isn’t really relevant, but did they give u food when u were there? Especially since ur there so long?

no. No food for us. I went to subway during the break and inhaled a sub lol.

cheap bastards! Every show on MTV is sponsored by subway. They should reimburse you for your sub

lol relax. its not that serious. I’m lucky I got to go at all. And everyone was really nice.

no it’s not ok. Meatball marinaras are serious business ?


Well there you have it! I realize it’s just enough information to tease you, but teasing’s fun too right? Meanwhile, you can get your Teen Mom 2 fix with new episodes airing Monday nights at 10/9c on MTV! (And we might be getting an announcement soon on that Mother’s Day special, so stay tuned!)

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