Leah Calvert says that Corey cheated on wife Miranda early on

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Tonight on the Teen Mom 2 Unseen moments special Leah Calvert spilled some major tea about her baby’s father Corey Simms! When Dr. Drew asked the moms if they hid anything from the producers, most of the ladies remained coy, but Leah said she had some information about Corey that the producers didn’t know.

After asking her husband Jeremy (who was in the audience,) if she should reveal the secret, she decided to go through with it. “A week before we got married he kept texting me and texting me and he’s like ‘I miss my family'” Leah said. “And he told me way too much stuff about him and Miranda.”


Corey married Miranda Patterson last June, and according to Leah, things were rocky with them from the start. “Cory always looks like the good guy,” Leah lamented. “When him and Miranda got together the first time he was out cheating on her. It wasn’t just me.”

When Dr. Drew asked if Miranda knew about the cheating, Leah replied, “Yeah, she knows that. He told me she knows that. But she doesn’t know that I know that.”

Chelsea then quipped, “She knows now!”

UPDATE – Click here to check out Corey and Miranda’s response to Leah’s comments.

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