TEEN MOM 2 David Eason says ‘all trans are perverts’ in another transphobic rant on Facebook

Teen Mom 2 Jenelle's husband David Eason transgender quotes on Facebook

Former Teen Mom 2 star David Eason was fired by MTV earlier this year after a Twitter tirade in which he called homosexual and transgender people an abomination and compared them to dogs. David has never apologized for his comments, and he continues to share his transphobic opinion on social media, including numerous Facebook comments this weekend in which he stated more than once that “all trans are perverts.”

The comment interactions were on a meme that David shared featuring two photos: a backpack-toting young woman on what looks to be a college campus and a young girl in a bathroom. The title of the meme is “In Democratic America” with the caption for the young woman reading: “If this girl sees a penis at a party it’s a crime.” The caption for the little girl in the bathroom reads: “But if this girl sees a penis in the women’s bathroom it’s tolerance.”

As you might imagine, the meme sparked quite the debate — but, thanks to David, it quickly became just about transgender people in general and not which bathrooms they should be legally allowed to use. “We are talking about trans people,” David states at one point. “Perverts.”

The commenter he was replying to argued: “Trans people are not automatically perverts. Anyone can be a pervert.”

“Yes they are ALL perverts, do your research,” David pointed out. “Why do you think they change their whole life to meet their sexual preferences?”

David later talks about the bathroom issue being a loophole for a much larger plan. “It’s a loophole to keep them from getting in trouble,” he explains. “The government wants all you retards to change your gender and thin out the population. Keep them out of jail and show kids how ‘normal’ it is. (End natural human reproduction).”

Below I will provide a much more comprehensive recap of David’s arguments, but I wanted to first mention that he also offered up his take on public education by sharing an article with the title “Share if you think President Trump should ban Islam in American Schools.” David captioned that one by writing: “Public school should be banned, teach your kids what YOU want them to learn.” In case you missed it, David and Jenelle are now homeschooling his daughter Maryssa — reportedly because of a transgender school staff member.

OK, here are some more interactions between David and other Facebook users:

COMMENT: Ur so clueless it’s sad. Please teach ur kids not to look into the bathroom stall when people are sh*tting. Thanks.

DAVID: No maybe you should teach your kids not to grow up to be a transgender and we wont have to worry about them peeping on children in the bathroom

COMMENT: noone teaches their child to be transgender. How about you do your research before making such ignorant assumptions.

DAVID: Right, and only morons teach them its “okay”…Start teaching your kids right from wrong maybe

COMMENT: haha it is not taught to be gay or transgendered. People are born that way, get over it. You spew hate. Why don’t you get some education on issues BEFORE you speak. You just really sound stupid.

DAVID: You must be a pitiful excuse for a mother if you dont teach your children ethics or what’s right from wrong and how not to go against nature…Just because you have no life doesn’t mean the world stops spinning for everyone else

COMMENT: Because using the bathroom and raping someone are two different things??? Right. Guess it will take someone you love to be sexually assaulted for you to see the difference?

DAVID: Well the chances double with sexual predators allowed in opposite restrooms…That’s why we need to be proactive and adamant about ending same sex restrooms

COMMENT: No one is saying child predators should be in any bathroom!! They should be in jail! Admit you made a stupid analogy or are you that ignorant you can’t admit the two are different topics!

DAVID: that’s how they sneak in… I’ll let that sink in

David Eason Facebook posts about transgender people

COMMENT: You should really try to be more open minded for your own good mental health if it’s not hurting you or your family it’s probably not a major deal or worth losing jobs over!

DAVID: you need to be more conservative and stop trusting people. That is how you got yourself in the situation you are now

COMMENT: predators don’t need a green light to commit a crime.

DAVID: they just need a loophole to keep from getting caught or in trouble

COMMENT: no they don’t. Transgender isn’t something new. Transgender people have been using the restroom of their choice for as long as they’ve been transgendered. We just didn’t have the government involved in our bathrooms like we do now.

DAVID: Right, like I said it’s a loophole to keep them from getting in trouble. The government wants all you retards to change your gender and thin out the population. Keep them out of jail and show kids how “normal” it is. (End natural human reproduction)

COMMENT: How would any person see a penis in a women’s bathroom since there are nothing but stalls in there?!

DAVID: Because kids are wreckless and dont listen sometimes…If it ever happened once would be too many times

COMMENT: I have 2 kids. Mine aren’t wreckless, although they don’t always listen. That being said, they will never wander around a bathroom, period. Not all kids fit into stereotypes.

DAVID: Oh thank God…! That must mean there are no wreckless kids in the world huh. I guess you are stereotyping your own kids? Just stfu

COMMENT: No I am not stereotyping my kids. I’m saying they DON’T fit into any stereotypes. Parents of wreckless kids are the only ones responsible for said kids. Period. Not any random people in bathrooms. So if you can’t control your kids, don’t take them around not-responsible-for-your-kids people. That’s common sense. ??‍♀️

DAVID: You must be so cold hearted, no sympathy for rape victims? I bet you believe women who “say” they were raped at the same time you want pedos in the bathroom huh? Youre saying children are responsible for the pedophiles actions? And yes you just stereotyped certain kinds of kids AGAIN. Get the hell out of here

David Eason

COMMENT: How does a conversation about kids in a bathroom turn to rape victims and pedophiles? PARENTS are responsible for children’s whereabouts and well being. Pedophiles are responsible for their actions. Take that how you want.

DAVID: What do you think perverts and sexual predators do…You are not very smart

COMMENT: I’m not talking about perverts and sexual predators. I’m talking about people in bathrooms that aren’t responsible for your kids.

DAVID: We are talking about trans people…Perverts

COMMENT: Trans people are not automatically perverts. Anyone can be a pervert. Women in the women’s bathroom can be perverts. Men in the men’s bathroom can be perverts. What do you say about men who molest/rape boys in bathrooms? Or women who molest/rape girls? It happens now.

DAVID: Yes they are ALL perverts, do your research. Why do you think they change their whole life to meet their sexual preferences?

COMMENT: You are so twisted. I used to think they exaggerated it for tv. Damn. It’s true. I’m done with this conversation.

DAVID: Thats what most people do when their argument is invalid

COMMENT: Like I said above, if your child sees a d*ck of someone TRYING to have PRIVACY and your child invades that, that’s YOUR FAULT. Get your kid under control. Teach them respect for other people’s privacy. This world is going to hell in a hand basket.

DAVID: No it’s your fault for voting obama. If there isn’t any perverts in the bathroom we wouldn’t have to worry about children being curious or accidentally walking in on someone. When they see a trans that looks like a clown walk in they will probably stare because it’s very strange to normal people. Kids naturally know there is something wrong and different

COMMENT: What kinda bathrooms are you going into??? ? Women, girls, trans women etc generally dont start exposing themselves to each other ? if ur kid sees a penis in the bathroom its either yours or some perverts! ?

DAVID: All trans are perverts…wtf are you talking about? Yes…that’s how they think they can get away with it. Just like “gun free zones” where people see no immediate consequences so they do illegal things thinking they will not get in trouble

DAVID: Your warped tolerance and vision of natural life is what is ruining all the good strong hard working men in this country

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