Robbie Kidd opens up about rumored affair with Leah Calvert, her mom threatens people behind pill abuse story

Robbie Kidd - Teen Mom 2

West Virginia romeo Robbie Kidd returned to Twitter this week to defend his good name against claims he had another affair with ex-girlfriend Leah Calvert.

For some background: Shortly after Jeremy Calvert accused his wife of cheating, Robbie told Radar Online that “nothing has happened” between him and Leah. As part of the interview deal, it’s very likely that Robbie was restricted from saying anything more for a certain amount of time. If that’s what happened, it seems the embargo has been lifted because Robbie’s now talking freely on Twitter.

Robbie Kidd Twitter Return

“Like I told everyone in the first place, her problems are hers, I have my own,” Robbie said. He was arrested for trespassing, possession of a controlled substance without a prescription and resisting arrest on Sept. 18. He also became a dad last spring when his ex-girlfriend welcomed their daughter.

Robbie Kidd Mugshot

“I’m a big boy. No reason not to tell because I have nothing to hide,” he continued. “There’s no deer cam proof anywhere because I wasn’t there for there to be… Once again, no deer cams have caught me doing s**t.”

Even though he remained adamant that he didn’t cheat with Leah in recent months, Robbie told The Ashley’s Reality Roundup via Twitter that the stories have given him a good laugh.

“Because all this drama and bulls**t is over nothing,” he said, adding the rumors only started to stir up “small town drama” and that it’s not his fault Jeremy is one of the people who believes the rumors.

Unfortunately for Robbie, he seemed to knock his credibility down a few notches by implying he is motivated by money: “Even if I had done something, nobody here on this twitter feed pays my bills so there opinion means nothing.” A recent blind item seemed to report he had a “nice double payout” from speaking to Radar. Also bad for his credibility? Robbie and Leah follow each other on Twitter, but she doesn’t follow her own husband. Either way, Robbie said he plans to move on from everything by visiting with an Army recruiter today.

Meanwhile, Leah’s mom and grandmother defended the Teen Mom 2 star against claims she abuses painkillers.

“You can tell all the lies you want but you just remember trying to tell this too my children is gonna be a mess,” Sandy Kay, Leah’s grandmother, wrote on Facebook today. “You just rember that magazines will do anything for a story an they will give your name up at some point.”

Leah’s mom, Dawn Spears, added in the comments, “Tell them ALL even the so called damn family I said KISS MY A**! and if they don’t like that come on down to my damn house and GET THEM some! They will need a more than a pain pill when I’m done they will get a whole CLIP full of pills! I’m tired of the bulls**t pill stuff.”

Leah’s last social media comment was about how there’s “nothing more important in my life than my husband and my girls.”

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