Leah Calvert’s sister goes off on Jeremy Calvert, indicates he still wants a divorce

Jeremy Calvert Leah Calvert Divorce

The story about Teen Mom 2‘s Leah Calvert allegedly cheating on husband Jeremy Calvert with her ex-boyfriend Robbie Kidd is developing at lightening speed — and even members of her family can’t seem to get the story straight.

Early on Friday morning, Jeremy tweeted he plans to file for divorce after discovering that Leah slept with Robbie, the same ex-boyfriend she cheated with the week before her wedding to Corey Simms.

Mom Dawn Spears was the first to defend Leah by saying on her Facebook page that the story was fed to Jeremy by his father, who supposedly dislikes Leah.

“Because Robbie went to a family funeral because his sister married into our family that was his dad’s way of showing her told jeremy he seen robbie sneak through the back door on a deer cam which was a lie,” Dawn said in a post on our Facebook page. In an initial post on her page, it sounded like Robbie’s dad was the one who tipped Jeremy off. Dawn said Jeremy’s dad doesn’t like Leah because she “didn’t do what he said.” Dawn added that Robbie personally told her he didn’t cheat with Leah.

Meanwhile, Robbie has other things he is dealing with, such as welcoming a baby daughter in April. (He and the baby’s mother are no longer together, however. It appears as though she is back with the guy she was dating before Robbie, and they appear to be quite happy.) Here is a photo of Robbie Kidd at the baby shower in March:


He is also dealing with charges for trespassing, possession of a controlled substance without a prescription and resisting arrest for a September 18 incident. Here is his mug shot photo from the arrest:

Robbie Kidd mugshot photo arrest

Leah’s sister, Victoria Messer, had a different take on the situation than her mother: In a post on her Facebook page, she accused Jeremy of concocting the cheating story to “make people feel sorry for you.”

“You wanna sit around and post a bunch of bulls**t but little do you know sweetheart, we are a little smarter than you are and we actually have proof of s**t that you’ve done,” Victoria said on Friday. “So maybe you should think before you start making up lies because we have hidden truth.”

Following her mother and sister’s posts, Leah spoke for herself by telling a person on Twitter that she never cheated on Jeremy. She added, “He knows that… there was a rumor and he believed it but it’s ok.”

Although “ok” seems to indicate he won’t go through with filing for divorce, Jeremy’s Facebook page still lists his relationship status as “divorced.” Victoria’s post also implies he wants to end the marriage — regardless of whether the cheating story is true.

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