Tara Wallace talks she & Peter Gunz’s relationship, hints at Marriage Boot Camp appearance

Is Peter Gunz still with Tara Wallace 2

The last time we heard from Tara Wallace, the former Love & Hip Hop New York star was laughing off rumors that she let former flame Peter Gunz get her pregnant “for old times’ sake.” Tara confirmed that she was done having children, but appeared to leave the door open for a reconciliation with Peter–depending, of course, on whether he’s able to patch things up with Amina Buddafly before she leaves him for good.

So–is Peter Gunz still with Tara Wallace? Thanks to a brand-new interview Tara gave to In Touch, we know only that it looks that way–but things between the two (or, really, three) of them are as complicated as ever. Speaking before the #WalkForACause presentation this past weekend, Tara acknowledged that she was hardly surprised to find out Peter and Amina are a part of the cast for the upcoming season of Marriage Boot Camp–and that she’d been approached about participating alongside them.

“Believe it or not,” Tara said, “I’ll tell you guys, but I was supposed to go in the house too! I was like, ‘No, you guys do that on your own. I’m okay.’ You may see an appearance from me, a little snippet.” Tara’s appearance would actually be appropriate, given that Peter and Amina’s tagline for the new season is “When your true love…has more than one baby mama.” (And while were at it: here’s a complete list of all Peter Gunz’s baby mamas and children, complete with photos.)

Tara did appear to close the door on herself and Peter, though she was quick to wish Peter and Amina the best of luck. “I think that if someone is really ready to change,” she explained, “and work on serious relationships and grow up, maybe [we would get back together]. But I think that sometimes when people grow up, you guys don’t really grow up together—and maybe that change just didn’t happen with us and I’m okay with that at this point. But good luck to [Peter and Amina].”

Finally, Tara dropped some hints about her own love life–namely, that it’s getting interesting:

My love life is interesting. I’ve been dating—there is someone that I’m closer with than usual, so we just have to let that play out. I’m kind of nervous about it because I just want to keep it private. Everything’s been so open and I just want to give it a chance. I’m not a random dater, I’ve been a slow dater even before Peter. I hate random dating and random questions—I’m like, ‘I just want it to be organic.’ So once that happened I was like, ‘Let’s see where this goes.'”

Marriage Boot Camp‘s new season premieres October 13th at 9 PM on WE tv.

(Photo credits: Is Peter Gunz still with Tara Wallace via Instagram)

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