Does Peter Gunz have a secret daughter? Rumors of hidden children proliferate in light of new baby news

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There’s renewed interest in the possibility of a Peter Gunz secret daughter, thanks to the Love & Hip Hop fixture’s recent impregnation of not one, but two (different) baby mamas: namely, both Tara Wallace and Amina Buddafly. But: are the rumors true? Is there really a Peter Gunz secret daughter floating around out there, just waiting for a future Love & Hip Hop reunion special to make her presence known?

The short answer is that it looks like a couple of popular misconceptions about Gunz’s actual family have gotten jumbled up into a lot of Peter Gunz secret daughter speculation. Although, as fans are quick to point out, Gunz himself doesn’t do much to help matters: we recently wrote an article listing the number of babies and baby mamas that Peter Gunz has; and then, thanks to last week’s news regarding Tara Wallace’s pregnancy and Amina Buddafly’s pregnancy, that article was technically outdated almost as soon as it was published.

There are a lot of children with Peter Gunz’s DNA in existence. But is there a Peter Gunz secret daughter? The most recent round of gossip got started because of a photo that Gunz’s oldest daughter Whitney shared on Instagram–and which photo was then shared by Tara Wallace, as well:

#tb! @reallychinkee and I twinning it up!????

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Long-taloned fans clung to the shocking similarity in appearance between Whitney and Tara Wallace and wondered whether Tara was actually Whitney’s mother. Neither Peter Gunz nor Tara Wallace have ever publicly disclosed the identity of Whitney Pankey’s mom; all of a sudden, it seemed at least possible, if not downright plausible, that Whitney Pankey is actually Tara Wallace’s daughter, her first child by Peter Gunz.

Fortunately, a quick bit of math put (most of) this particular fire out. Tara Wallace is 32 years old; she’ll be 33 later this year. And Whitney Pankey is 24. Unless both women have been lying about their ages for years–and doing so really, really well!–Tara can’t be Whitney’s mom.

That hasn’t stopped Love & Hip Hop fans from further wondering about Whitney’s own little girl, though. Nani is a fixture in Whitney’s Instagram feed; but, again, thanks to the recent proliferation of Peter Gunz’s children in the world, some LHHNY fans are wondering whether Whitney is simply covering for her father by pretending that Nani is her own:


? A photo posted by Chink? (@reallychinkee) on

Aww look at Nani and Grandpa-pa @petergunz174

A photo posted by Chink? (@reallychinkee) on

My cool kid ? A photo posted by Chink? (@reallychinkee) on

And, technically, there is no proof that that isn’t true. But Peter Gunz, for all his shady ways when it comes to getting women pregnant, has expressed great pride in his ability to take care of his many children when they do come into the world. It seems a bit farfetched to think that he would have his oldest daughter camouflage the existence of a Peter Gunz secret daughter, as part of some convoluted, Arrested Development-esque scenario.

Having said that, conspiracy theorists will always find a way to connect the dots. Not that Gunz himself is too bothered by all these rumors:

A photo posted by Peter Gunz (@petergunz174) on

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(Photo credits: Peter Gunz secret daughter via Instagram)

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