VIDEO Kendra Wilkinson yells at her mom: The devil has eaten your soul!


Kendra Wilkinson and mom Patti Wilkinson’s contentious relationship came to a head on a sneak peek for Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars when Kendra accused Patti of selling stories about her to the tabloids.

The drama began when Patti was asked why she was opposed to Kendra and Hank Baskett’s marriage during an exercise called To Knot or Not.

“I get the impression, the feeling that you hate me,” Patti said, addressing her daughter.

Kendra didn’t leave much more room for doubt by immediately yelling back, “The devil has eaten your soul! The devil has eaten your soul! You sell us out to the tabloids!”

Patti said she “did nothing” of the sort, but Kendra wasn’t going to hear it.

“Going to social media. Going to the tabloids,” Kendra continued. “You take our problems and put them out there….Right after I thought my husband cheated on me, you sell my tears to the damn tabloids.”

Even though Patti said Kendra was “crazy” for thinking such a thing, she did suggest on Twitter that Kendra and Hank were behind the reports about his affair with a transexual. Before that, her brother called her an “inconsiderate psychotic b*tch” on Twitter and claimed Kendra told their mom to die.

Indeed, after Kendra accused Patti of previously selling them out, Patti said she’s wouldn’t hesitate to do that in the future. At that point, Kendra begged her fellow cast members to “rise up” against Patti.

Later, in a confessional after the meltdown, Kendra said her mom was trying to destroy her family. Hank backed her up by saying he’s witnessed Patti “violently yell” at Kendra… Looks like the Kendra on Top star has more than one relationship in need of Boot Camp help.

Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars premieres on WEtv on Friday, May 29 at 9/8c.

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