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Discovery’s Naked and Afraid is just about to air its fifth season premiere, which means that the Naked and Afraid cast bios are starting to come in. This year’s slate of episodes will showcase several brand-new locations, several of which are domestic. We’ve already got one full-length trailer for Season 5, along with a bevy of info on episode one! It looks like we can continue to expect the unexpected:

And here are a few relevant details from the official press release, courtesy of Broadway World:


For 21 days, one man and one woman – meeting for the first time in the nude – are paired and tasked to survive in some of the world’s most extreme environments… with no food, water or clothes. This season, a whole new crop of extreme survivalists will tackle brand new international locations from Australia to Croatia and Canada, along with Alabama and Texas for the first time. They’ll suffer the world’s most hostile climates and encountering new and deadly animals including large cats, bears and some of the world’s most deadly reptiles. They will need to surmount physical challenges to create shelter, forage for food and find water. But as the days wear on and the danger ramps up – the mental challenge can become unbearable… Will any of them be strong enough, physically and mentally, to last 21 days NAKED AND AFRAID?


In fact, the wilds of Alabama are the very first challenge for this season’s Naked and Afraid cast. In case some of you are thinking that Alabama doesn’t sound like a particularly difficult place to spend three weeks in the buff, Discovery’s just released a preview of the premiere episode that should change your mind. In it, we get our first glimpse at Steven Hall, Jr., and Chalese Meyer, and their unexpected encounter with a creature straight out of Venom Hunters:

That’s a mighty fine shot of the skin just coming right off of the snake! As for Steven’s claim that he’s the King of the Forest, Chalese looks a bit skeptical (though she might feel better after having dinner).

As far as Naked and Afraid cast bios go, here’s what we know so far:

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Steven Hall, Jr.

Per his official Discovery bio, Steven, 32, is a professional artist originally from Amarillo TX. He’s lived in Orlando since he was seven, though, and also spent a great deal of time with his father and grandfather in the Rocky Mountains. Steven considers “fire by friction, gathering, hunting, levelheadedness, shelter building, tool production, tracking, and water purification” his survival skills, and, above all, relies on his strong will. Which is evident in his main goal: “To change the world.”

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Also, a fun fact about Steven: his professional name is Nevets Killjoy. (A second fun fact about Steven? He’s the fellow in the picture at the very top of this article, and, upon sharing that photo on Facebook, captioned it “Now that’s a blur to be proud of!”)

You can follow Steven on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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Chalese Meyer

Chalese is a 26-year-old recreational therapist and nanny from Salt Lake City. She was a tomboy growing up, which was handy, since “her family’s activities growing up revolved around the outdoors: hiking, camping, and fishing.” Chelsea was raised in the LDS church, and, though she was in love with her best friend, had to keep the relationship a secret. So it came as a surprise to Chalese’s family when, in addition to baring her body as a member of the Naked and Afraid cast, she also came out for the cameras! A recent Salt Lake City Tribune article described Chalese’s experience, which she says she explains because people ask her weather she hooked up with her castmate.

Naked And Afraid cast 5

“It’s definitely not sexy,” said Chalese. “I’ve had people ask me, ‘Did you hook up with him?’ That’s definitely the last thing on your mind. And I’m gay, so that wasn’t an issue.”

Unfortunately, Chalese hasn’t had a pleasant experience with her family and friends since returning home. “I grew up LDS, so my LDS friends and my family were just, like….My grandma hasn’t even spoken to me about it. She just can’t believe I was naked with a man and how disrespectful it is. But, whatever. I really don’t care what they think.”

Viewers will soon get their fill of Steven, Chalese, and the rest of the Naked and Afraid cast: Season 5 premieres Sunday, March 13th, at 10 PM EST. But, before you watch, you should also to check out this recent story from Entertainment Weekly on how exactly the Naked and Afraid producers do such fine work blurring the participants out in every episode. It’s painstaking stuff!

For more naked fun, tune in to the Naked and Afraid Season 5 premiere this Sunday on Discovery.

(Photo credits: Naked and Afraid cast via Facebook, Discovery)

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