REPORT Black Ink Crew’s Dutchess has two on the side, and one claims he’s the real reason for the Ceaser split

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Dutchess’ love life appears to be heating up in ways she might not have hoped for. The Black Ink Crew star split with longtime love Ceaser shortly before the current season began airing, and, at the time, Dutchess alleged that she couldn’t take Ceaser’s dishonesty any longer. Now, though, two new reports suggest that Dutchess wasn’t being completely honest–and may have actually had two different men on the side.

The first of these allegations came in a recent article laying out an apparent months-long unofficial relationship between Dutchess and NFL player Zack Sanchez. The reveal came courtesy of an alleged former flame of Sanchez’s, who went public with he and Dutchess’ relationship as revenge for him cutting her off in favor of Dutchess (despite, as the scorned lover put it, “still nutting in me.”)

Keeping that in mind, here’s a mini-Zack Sanchez photo gallery, courtesy of the cornerback’s Instagram page:

Mood when yur rookie season get cut short early cause of stupid ahh injury … ?

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Game day in LA got me like …

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Sanchez, the Panthers‘ 5th round draft pick out of Oklahoma last year, has a 19-month-old daughter with another woman, though it’s not clear what his relationship with the mother is:

I'm in love wit this lil girl … ??? my baby

A video posted by Zack Sanchez (@zsanchez31) on

Speaking of scorned lovers, some fresh tea hot on the heels of the Black Ink Crew Dutchess and Zack Sanchez report may have revealed the reason that Dutchess and Ceaser split all along. According to the noted gossipsters at Fameolous, the man Dutchess has allegedly been messing around with since last June came forward to show himself specifically because of the Sanchez story, claimed responsibility for splitting Dutchess and Ceaser, and wanted Dutchess to know that he hadn’t been faithful to her, either.

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The Instagram account in the images below belongs to @hurk_dnt_hurtem, which is private. (And it doesn’t seem likely to accept too many unknown followers in the wake of these allegations, either.) In case you can’t make them out, here’s the caption for the left photo of the two of them…

had this b!tch around my family and all type of sh!t!!! I live in a bubble and this b!tch New everything I had going on… took care of her… made her look good at strip clubs cause she was blowing my bag not hers 🙂 this the type of b!tch you dnt trust I dnt give a f*ck weather she on tv or not she still ain’t sh!t!!the b!tch was just at my moms house crying over me bc I blocked her for 4 days

…and the caption for the photo on the right:

I never wanted to do this but f*ck it… I’m the one she been f*cking and sucking since June of last year. I’m the reason she Broke up with the n!gga cease in the first place.. she came back and found the hottest n!gga in the city and wanted to be my girl bc I never wanted to be in the spot light she took advantage of our situation and I guess f*cking with this Sanchez dude….BUT THE GAGG IS I WAS NEVER FAITHFUL EITHER SORRY NOT SORRY

After the Sanchez story broke, Dutchess apparently told Fameolous that she just wants “peace” and that she and Zack “are good.” It’s not clear if she wants to go official with Sanchez, but it does seem like her current beach vacation with the footballer is exactly the right thing to be doing while all this gossip explodes back home.

Black Ink Crew‘s season continues Wednesday nights on VH1.

(Photo credits: Black Ink Crew Dutchess and Zack Sanchez fight via Instagram)

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