SISTER WIVES Kody Brown had COVID and ‘it was really hard’ VIDEO

Sister Wives Kody Brown had COVID, reveals coronavirus diagnosis in Cameo video

Sister Wives patriarch Kody Brown says in a recent Cameo video about COVID that “I’ve had it” and “it was really hard.”

The Cameo video that includes Kody’s apparent admission that he had coronavirus was actually a “birthday celebration” video for Mimi, the parent of someone named Aleah. (It’s unclear how Aleah or Mimi actually spell their names.) Judging from the 42-second clip (included below), Mimi is currently diagnosed with COVID and her daughter Aleah purchased a Cameo from Kody explaining the diagnosis and asking him to wish her mom a happy birthday.

“Hi Mimi, it’s Kody Brown from Sister Wives. How are you doing?” Kody says with a smile while giving the peace sign with his right hand. “I hear your birthday’s coming up, so have a happy birthday!”

Kody continues, and brings up the fact that he is aware of Mimi’s COVID positive diagnosis. “Your daughter Aleah wanted me to let you know that I empathize with your situation with COVID — not completely, but I’ve had it and it did bad things to me. It was really hard. And, uh, boy! A tough thing to deal with! So I am very sorry about that.”

The message goes back from somber to jovial in a split second. “But I hope you have a great birthday,” Kody continues, “and you’ve got a special daughter who loves you very much. Have a lot of love and a lot of happiness. Peace and love from Kody Brown.”

Kody made no mention of any other family members having COVID. He also didn’t mention any details about being quarantined after testing positive.

As viewers of Sister Wives are well aware, Season 15 featured the Brown family during the initial stages of the coronavirus pandemic. Kody was very adamant about the family avoiding as much interaction as possible with one another, and he was also very strict about social distancing and other safety protocols.

COVID remains at the center of the Brown family story line for Season 16 as Kody continues to push for being extremely careful. “When it comes to the COVID virus, I’m not willing to gamble a family member’s life,” Kody says at the beginning of the preview trailer for the new season.

“We’ve basically quarantined from each other for the past six months,” Meri Brown adds. The scene then cuts to Kody riding alone in his convertible as he reveals that he is still the only person in the Brown family going from home to home.

Here’s the preview trailer from TLC:

We have the synopses of the first three episodes of Sister Wives Season 16, and it appears that COVID will be taking center stage in the second episode. “Janelle’s kids have strong opinions about Kody’s COVID rules, and Kody makes a surprise visit to Meri’s,” the synopsis reads. “Then, Kody organizes an outdoor get-together for the whole family — their first time seeing each other in months.”

Here is the full Cameo video in which Kody reveals that he had COVID:

I assume that Kody’s COVID diagnosis and how “it did bad things” to him will be documented on the upcoming season. Sister Wives Season 16 is set to premiere Sunday, November 21 at 10/9c on TLC.

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