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Sister Wives Meri Brown bed and breakfast Lizzie's Heritage Inn

TLC just released the first teaser trailer for the brand new season of Sister Wives, and in the clip Meri Brown drops a sizable bombshell (to me anyways!) when she reveals that she wants to open a bed and breakfast. Apparently Meri has turned her dream into a reality as she opened the Lizzie’s Heritage Inn in Parowan, Utah on Wednesday!

Meri posted a photo of the grand opening on Instagram and shared the announcement with her followers:

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I am beyond excited to announce the opening of Lizzie’s Heritage Inn! We had the official grand opening and ribbon cutting on Dec 13. This is an old family home of mine, built by my great-great-grandparents in 1870 and occupied by 4 generations until it sold out of the family in the 1980’s. It has been a long time dream of mine to get the home back into the family, and after a lot of work, and when I say a lot, a mean a LOT, it is back in my family where it belongs! I am beyond blessed & excited!! #LivingMyWhy #Family #LizziesHeritageInn

Browntrepreneur Meri adds a little more about the property and its history with her family on the Inn’s website:

Built in 1870 by Meri’s great-grandparents, this was a family home for four generations, but was eventually sold out of the family. A more than 20-year dream of Meri’s was to bring the home back into the family and through a recent chance meeting, a unique opportunity presented itself and this dream was realized. I am so excited and beyond blessed to have had the chance to bring this home back into the family where it belongs. I have had so much fun redecorating it with my great-grandmother’s things, items that she made and created and can now be on display in her old home. I hope all our guests can feel the welcome that she, herself, would have given them!

The Inn is named after Meri’s great-grandmother Lizzie, who was one of the original owners. “Meri’s cherished great-grandmother, Lizzie, not only is reflected in the name of the inn, but her character is representative in the period furniture selectively added to many of the guest rooms; along with the great room shared by all our guests,” reads the “About” section for the Inn.

the Inn offers four different rooms, ranging in price (at the time of this post) from $125 to $155 a night. Here are some photos of each followed by links with even more pictures and information:

Meri Brown bed and breakfast interior photos

Bee Room
The Grandma Room
East Room
Sarah’s Room

Still not sold? Lemme share the Inn’s pitch:

Escape the city and come to relax and unwind in a country environment in southern Utah, which offers couples the perfect setting for a romantic getaway. All of our accommodations are complete with deeply comfortable mattresses, period furniture, modern bath accommodations. In addition, you’ll find gas fireplaces, thick luxurious bed coverings, plump over-sized pillows, and antique four-poster beds. The walls in our rooms are papered in petit fleur coverings and a superb collection of 18th century photo art can be found throughout the inn.

I have to confess that I am a bit blown away by all this. The Inn looks AMAZING! I don’t think a simple “congratulations” are enough here, so let me add some ?????????? emoji! this kind of project takes SO MUCH work, and I’m guessing bed and breakfast dreams are in the top five least often achieved lol. (For example, there was another TLC reality star named Mary who explored the possibility of opening a bed and breakfast, and that didn’t work out so well.)

I love all the Brown family drama, but I am particularly excited to see how this all happened so quickly. Of course, drama and entrepreneurship will almost certainly cross paths when it is revealed whether or not Meri actually lives at the Inn now — which is a little less than three hours from the Browns’ new hometown of Las Vegas. I hope for Kody and Meri’s sake that she still spends most of her time in Las Vegas, but I hope for my sake that if I’m venturing through southern Utah and get a room at Lizzie’s Heritage Inn that Meri is there to hang out and sip wine with! 😉

OK, I will wrap up this post by dedicating this 93% not really appropriate Springsteen tune to Meri and to the success of the Meri-ot Hotel. (Just ignore Bruce’s spelling.)

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