SISTER WIVES Paedon Brown is a bouncer at a strip club in Utah

Sister Wives Paedon Brown is working as a bouncer at a strip club in Utah

Sister Wives star Paedon Brown participated in a live, three-hour interview on Wednesday and basically revealed an entire season’s worth of behind-the-scenes tea on the Brown family! The 24-year-old son of Kody Brown and Christine Brown also shared some details about himself, including his very surprising current occupation!

“Full disclosure: I’m actually a bouncer at a strip club,” Paedon announced. He stated that he’s been told not to talk about it publicly, but he just couldn’t resist letting the cat out of the bag during the interview on John Yates’ channel.

“I love this job,” Paedon continued. “It’s the best job I’ve ever had — for a lot of reasons.”

Interviewer John Yates laughed and admitted that his current husband used to be a stripper, at which point Paedon admitted that he’s been looking for his own strippily ever after!

“I’ve been trying to get two of these strippers to say ‘yes’ to me, and it’s not working,” Paedon revealed. “However, this is a big dill in my family. This is a very, very big dill in my family.”

Later in the interview, Paedon talked about the “love of his life,” who is currently dating another man. It’s unclear if this woman works at the strip club.

“I’ve got a very, very good friend right now,” Paedon said of the mystery woman. “Full disclosure: love of my life. If her boyfriend was out of the picture, I’m there! Oh my gosh!” However, we shouldn’t expect Paedon to try to try to steal her away any time soon.

“He’s also a very, very good man,” Paedon says of the woman’s current boyfriend. “He’s a very good man, which is the reason that he hasn’t ended up in the back of my truck and I didn’t use my shovel on him — because he is such a good man.”

Paedon mentioned at one point that he and this woman have been friends for a “long time,” which would seem to make it less likely that she is a stripper at the club he bounces for. However, she is apparently anything but conservative when it comes to sexuality!

“She told me that her and her boyfriend have been discussing getting a third in their relationship,” Paedon said, which was something that he DID NOT recommend, given his experience with polygamy. “She wants me to support this relationship and I’m trying to, like, tell her, ‘Noooo! Do not do it!'”

The proposed third was another woman, but what if the love of Paedon’s life pitched the idea of him joining the couple as a third? “If she ever gave me the offer, ‘Hey, I’d like you as my other boyfriend,’ I’m gonna tell her, ‘No.’ I’m going to full-on tell her, ‘No, I’m not doing it. I will never do that.'” I assume that means Paedon won’t be appearing on TLC’s Seeking Brother Husband any time soon.

Paedon Steals Leon’s Thunder At Logan’s Wedding?

Paedon said he told his mom and a few other family members about his bouncer job during a dinner a couple weeks before his brother Logan’s wedding, and their jaws dropped to the floor.

The news spread through the Brown family prior to Logan and Michelle Petty’s ceremony. “So, this comes out at this dinner, and then two weeks later is Logan’s wedding and I get several people — several family members that I did not tell — come up to me and say, ‘Are you really a bouncer at a strip club?'”

Paedon stated that the wedding itself was the biggest topic of conversation at the event, but his occupation came in second place. He made sure to point out that Leon Brown had recently come out as trans and genderqueer. (In case you missed it, Paedon and Leon are currently not on the best of terms — to say the least.)

“I got a lot more attention than Leon did. Leon didn’t get much attention at all,” Paedon claimed. “For that tiny thing — that coming out two weeks before the wedding — I got way more attention, and I genuinely believe that p*ssed Leon off because Leon likes attention. Always has.”

We will have to wait and see if Paedon’s comments get a response from Leon.

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