TLC Seeking Brother Husband preview trailer and cast photos

TLC Seeking Brother Husband

TLC is growing their their polygamous reality show empire by flipping the script from polygyny to polyandry with a new series titled Seeking Brother Husband!

Just as you would guess, the concept of the series is similar to the network’s popular Seeking Sister Wife, except the cast includes women and their husbands looking to add another man to their marriages.

“TLC is excited to announce an all-new series coming later this year, Seeking Brother Husband, which follows four polyandrous relationships and their quests to add additional husbands into their families,” reads the network’s press release.

More from TLC about what viewers can expect in the premiere season:

Viewers will follow these couples at different stages of their journey: for one, they will be setting off in search of another husband for the first time, while in another, a second husband recently joins the family and in yet another, the wife is searching to add a third husband. Then, in another family, family expansion discussions bring forward tough conversations about who will be the biological father of the child. The series will document the ups and downs and everything in between as these people navigate boundaries and life-changing decisions.

TLC has not announced a specific premiere date, merely that the show will debut in March of 2023. However, we do have a preview trailer with all of the families!

I’ve put together screen caps from the trailer with all four of the featured families. Unfortunately, we don’t have the names of the cast members yet.

Seeking Brother Husband trio

Seeking Brother Husband couple

Seeking Brother Husband cast

Seeking Brother Husband TLC

Seeking Brother Husband is actually TLC’s second venture into polyandry. In 2017, the network aired a “Brother Husbands” special featuring wife Amanda, her two husbands Chad and Jeremy, and their five children — which included one-year-old triplets!

The one-hour episode seemed like a pilot, as though TLC was just testing the waters for the concept. The show was not turned into a series.

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