TLC to air ‘Sister Wives Special’ interview Sunday

For all you Sister Wives starved folks out there who thought that everyone’s favorite polygamy themed reality show was over fear not.  TLC has ordered a follow up special to the extremely popular show about the Browns from Utah and their plural marriage lifestyle.

This special will be an exclusive interview with NBC’s Natalie Morales.  Topics set to be covered for the special include how the family’s life has changed since the airing of the show, how they’re dealing with all the new found media attention, and the current bigamy investigation into the legality of their plural marriage.

This once again proves that the Browns, led by family patriarch Kody Brown, are intent on getting their story out there.  The special will air this Sunday, Halloween night, at 10PM EST.  I hope Morales asks about the whole sordid affair of Janelle once being married to Meri’s brother!  If all these relations get you confused I would suggest you reference our handy Sister Wives Brown Family Tree.