VIDEOS: Preview and interview for TLC’s plural family show Sister Wives

TLC plural family Sister Wives

Of all the new shows on the reality radar screen I would have to say that TLC’s Sister Wives is the one I am most looking forward to.  The show will follow the Brown family from Utah as we are provided a personal look into the lives of a plural family.  Kody Brown, and advertising salesman, has three wives Meri, Christine and Janelle and is courting a fourth, Robyn.  Together he and his three wives have 13 children, and if Robyn is brought into the fold you can add three more kids for a family that is Duggar-competitive, totaling 21!

TLC has released a brief preview video for the show so lets check that out for a little taste of what to expect from this seven-part series that promises to be more like a documentary than a reality-drama show:

That Kody Brown is a ladies man, he just keeps falling in love doesn’t he?   One thing that needs to be settled is that only Kody and Meri are legally married while the other wives are “committed” so there is no law breaking happening here.  This should prove to be an interesting look into a family that lives and loves in their own way but certainly have no shame in their lifestyle.

The Browns had a brief discussion with CNN about the show and their lives which is a little more revealing than the official promo.  Here is that clip as Kody and his wives talk about the reasons behind bringing their relationships to the public.

I know that personally I will bring in my own pre-judgments of plural families and I am interested in seeing how this show might challenge my prejudices.  If you’re interested in finding out more about the Browns including where they live and a photo of their house you can check my previous post here.

The premiere episode of Sister Wives will air on TLC September, 26th.