MBFFL What happened to Whitney Thore’s French man boyfriend?

My Big Fat Fab Life Are Whitney Thore and ex-boyfriend Lennie Alehat back together?

My Big Fat Fabulous Life Season 10 premieres tonight, and the new season features the return of Whitney Way Thore’s ex-boyfriend, Lennie Alehat. Wait, what happened to Whitney’s French tutor boyfriend?

The subject is brought up during the Premiere in a scene with Lennie and Whitney painting the walls of the No BS Active studio. The two exes are trying to just be friendly, but the topic of their relationship statuses inevitably comes up.
Whitney asks Lennie if he’s currently dating anyone. “Right now, no,” Lennie replies, before turning the table around with a potential song title quote: “How are you and the Pepe Le Pew?”
“You mean my boyfriend?” Whitney asks.

Lennie seems barely able to restrain from being sarcastic as he corrects himself mid-sentence. “Is that — is he still your boyfriend? I haven’t heard about him in a while.”

“Yes, he’s still my boyfriend,” Whitney assures him.
“Oh yeah?” Lennie asks with just a pinch of snark.
“Did you not think I was — what did you think?” Whitney asks, seemingly wondering if Lennie is just like 95% of My Big Fat Fabulous Life viewers who have serious doubts about how real the “French Man” relationship and story line was.
“Oh, I didn’t — I thought you guys were in an open relationship,” Lennie replies.
“Yeah, it’s 2022.”
“The only thing open about our relationship is –” Whitney begins.
“Your legs?” Lennie interjects.
“My heart,” Whitney concludes.

It seems very obvious in the scene that Lennie doesn’t think Whitney’s relationship with the French man is serious, if real at all. In contrast, Whitney’s mom Babs apparently does believe in her daughter’s petit ami.

“My mom actually asked before she had her stroke,” Whitney reveals to Lennie, “She said, ‘Whitney, does French man mind that your ex-boyfriend’s over at your house all the time?’ And I said, ‘No.'”

Are Whitney And Lennie Dating Now?

Lennie clearly seems to be taking on Buddy Bell’s former role of best friend with perpetual potential benefits — a fairly common story line throughout the 10-season history of My Big Fat Fabulous Life. So, Are Whitney and Lenny headed for another relationship? She would argue not.
“I just really want to clear up, though,” Whitney says in a confessional, “our relationship is not anything weird. It’s not anything inappropriate.”

But what about French man? Babs’ concerns about jealousy would be justified, right? “Luckily, my boyfriend is very not jealous and very not worried about you at all,” Whitney assures Lennie (and viewers). “I showed him a picture of you and he was, like, ‘Oh, never mind. I’m fine.'”
Lennie and Whitney both laugh. “Oh, thank you! Oh, wow!” Lennie humbly replies.

Lennie gets another chance to be a bit sarcastic about the reality of the French tutor relationship in his own confessional. “It has been pretty weird rekindling a relationship with Whitney when she has a boyfriend,” he says. “But he’s not really in the picture. So, I’ve never seen him. So, I kind of just pretend like he doesn’t exist.”
So do we, Lennie. so do we. 😉

In the previews for what to expect later this season, Hunter finds Lennie and his sister Whitney in bed together “on the first morning.” So, yeah, it looks like we can look forward to best friends with benefits and all the drama that goes along with that this season!

To find out the fate of the French man, and whether or not Whitney and Lennie officially start dating again, be sure to tune in for new episodes of My Big Fat Fabulous Life airing Tuesday nights at 10/9c on TLC! Or, you can stream the episodes early on Discovery+.

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