Seeking Sister Wife Season 5 premiere date and cast news

Seeking Sister Wife Season 4 cast

TLC has confirmed their popular polygamous dating reality series Seeking Sister Wife will be coming back for a fifth season in early 2024!

The news was included in a press release by the network announcing some of their returning shows for next year. In regards to Seeking Sister Wife, the network stated “the new season will document the lives of five polygamous families as they navigate the challenges of actively searching for and courting potential new sister wives.”

In addition to revealing there will be five families, the release also broke down how many of those families are new, and how many are returning.

“With two returning families and three new couples, these families are determined to open their hearts and homes to new wives, even if a few growing pains are felt along the way.”

Seeking Sister Wife Season 5 will premiere Monday, March 4 at 9/8c.

Who is returning for Seeking Sister Wife Season 5?

There has been no official announcement on which families will be returning for the new season, but a previous cast member seemed to spill the beans on Instagram.

Danniele Merrifield shared an Instagram story with film equipment in her living room. “We are coming back for Season 5!” she wrote, adding the 😳 and 🤗 emoji.

Danniele Merrifield Seeking Sister Wife Season 5

Danniele and her husband, Garrick Merrfifield, have been linked to a Brazilian woman named Nathalia. Both the Merrifields followed Nathalia on Instagram, and liked most of her photos. Seeking Sister Wife stars Brenda Foley and Tosha Jones also followed Nathalia on the platform.

The Merrifields and Nathalia were further linked after they all posted photos from a resort in Cancun last year. There are no photos of them together, but it does seem like a stretch to call it a coincidence.

Seeking Sister Wife Season 4 Dannielle and Garrick Merrifield returning with Roberta

Unfortunately for the Merrifields, it appears as though Nathalia has followed in the footsteps of the previous potential Merrifield sister wives. Danniele and Garrick no longer follow Nathalia on Instagram, and she appears to be living a very single life.

Seeking Sister Wife Davis family photo

We don’t have as much information about the other returning Seeking Sister Wife family, but all the evidence points to the Davises. At the end of Season 4, the Davises married Nick’s third wife, Danielle. Soon after, the family welcomed a new addition when second wife Jennifer gave birth to daughter Vera!

The Davis family hasn’t shared many/any photos or videos on social media in which Vera is clearly visible. That could be interpreted as a sign that the family intended to return, but it could also be the family simply wanting to keep their baby off the internet.

However, a recent post by the Davis family on Instagram got the Seeking Sister Wife Season 5 return rumor mill really grinding!

“There’s always room for one more,” the Instagram story read. The text graphic included the emoji 👀💞😘✨ as well as the #seekingsisterwife, #sisterwifelife, #polylove, #ladies, #polyfamily and #dating hash tags.

It’s important to note that neither returning couple has been confirmed by TLC.

Perhaps there is still a chance viewers will get to see Marcus Epps’ second failed attempt to become the Mayor of Euclid, as well as his much hyped wedding with second wife India Rosser. And maybe the TLC cameras were rolling when the Epps family was dating Dimitri and Ashley Snowden’s ex-sister wife, Christeline! (Unfortunately, that relationship didn’t work out.)

Or, perhaps we could see the return of Steven Foley and wife Brenda Foley, who appear to still be in a relationship with their potential new sister wife, Nina? 🤔

Stay tuned!

UPDATE – After publishing this article, we heard from a reliable source that the Foleys will be back for Season 5! We will continue to get more information on the returning (and the new!) cast.

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