SEEKING SISTER WIFE Marcus Epps loses Euclid Mayor race

Seeking Sister Wife Marcus Epps loses Euclid Mayor election

Seeking Sister Wife star Marcus Epps announced in May that he would be running for the office of Mayor of Euclid for the second time. Unfortunately, the results were similar to his first try.

Marcus Epps, who is currently a Euclid City Councilman, lost the mayoral race to incumbent Kirsten Holzheimer Gail.

Gail received 6,569 votes, or 52.92% of the total. Marcus Epps came in second place out of five. He received 3,138 votes, or 25.28% of the total. (These numbers are as of 3:00PM EST according to the Ohio Board of Elections website. There may be some mail-in votes outstanding.)

“The City Of Euclid’s current state and condition is grave,” Marcus wrote in a post-election statement shared on the @marcuseppsformayor Instagram account. “The residents of Euclid last note [sic] made clear they are comfortable with being ignored and underserved and I respect that choice,” he added.

Marcus concluded his concession statement by expressing appreciation to those who supported his campaign. “Thank you to the thousands of people who like me wants better for myself and our neighbors. You all rock! To the even more thousands that chose NOT to vote and cast their decision either way, I’ll be praying for you moving forward!”

Despite the disappointing loss on Tuesday, Marcus can take some comfort in the fact that he did improve on his last attempt.

From Starcasm’s post about Marcus’s previous bid to become Mayor of Euclid:

Prior to being elected to city council in 2019, Marcus attempted to jump start his political career by running for mayor of Euclid in 2015. Marcus ran with the slogan ‘Bring Euclid Back’ as he promised to return the city to it’s former greatness. In other words, MEGA — aka Make Euclid Great Again. (Marcus did not actually use ‘MEGA.’)

Marcus Epps came in third place in that election, losing to Kirsten Holzheimer Gail that time as well. Gail received 5,185 votes (46.92% of the total votes cast) and Marcus received just 1,924 votes, or 17.41% of the total.

The silver lining would be that Marcus managed to receive 1,214 more votes this time around!

It’s unclear if Marcus Epps will remain as Euclid City Councilman for Ward 3. According to the Ohio Board of Elections website, Dontea T. Gresham ran unopposed on Tuesday for Marcus’s seat from Ward 3.

Marcus Epps’ fiancée India responds

After our post was published, Marcus’s fiancée, and Seeking Sister Wife co-star, India Rosser shared this statement on Instagram:

“It’s actually kind of scary.

“Politics will often prove the people that fight the hardest and work the longest don’t always prevail in the end. We had the opportunity to have a force in office that would’ve changed the trajectory of not only Euclid but government across the country.

“I’ve never witnessed someone carry every intricate component needed to take on their calling the way I witness it in him day in and day out. To know that you’re standing alongside someone that is going to change the world is beyond an honor and a constant push to be better, think better, and do better.

“Councilman Epps you are the definition of never quitting. I can’t name another person that could have withstood everything you did. Thank you for always using your voice that so many people fought for you to have. Thank you for never letting anyone silence you no matter how hard they tried to. Thank you for showing our kids what real hard work looks like, what it means to be a leader, and what it looks like for a man of God to cover his family.

“Thank you for trusting me with your vision and allowing me to be apart of the most impactful and proudest work of my life. #Teamepps”

Marcus Epps’ wife Taryn responds

Marcus’s wife Taryn Lindsey has shared a statement on Instagram about his election loss setback:

“NO REGRETS. No losses, only lessons. Someone else may be in the mayors seat, but there are no losses here for you, Councilman Epps. There is no way the amount of love, support, and belief you were shown equates to a loss.

“The connections, interactions, and lasting impressions that we’ve encountered over these last six months are invaluable. You have touched so many whether it’s giving hope & inspiration to the youth, literally putting food on a family’s table, being a liaison for your community, providing a way for families to get necessities, being a listening ear because no one else is listening, you have always been and will always be for the people, no matter where life takes you, you were made to serve, IT’S IN YOU!

“You are the strongest man I know. I don’t know how you do it all, I don’t know how you take it all. But you do it all in the name of what’s right. A lot of people for whatever reason don’t or can’t use their voice. And we have all been blessed enough that you use yours for all of us. Thank you for never backing down. Thank you for always using your voice. What you’ve already been able to accomplish is inspiring to say the least, and appreciated.

“Your destiny has been written. No matter where life takes you, you’re a BIG F**KING DEAL! I’ll forever rock with you and support you because I know you’re destined for greatness!!! I can’t wait to see where else life takes us!”

Asa Hawks is a writer and editor for Starcasm. You can contact Asa via Twitter, Facebook, or email at starcasmtips(at)

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