SEEKING SISTER WIFE Are the Davises adding a fourth wife? ‘There’s always room for one more’

The Davis family from Seeking Sister Wife just added new wife Danielle bringing their count up to 3. Is Nick Davis adding a 4th wife already?

Read more to see the Instagram post here that suggests he may be, here…

Seeking Sister Wife

Seeking Sister Wife is a TLC reality series that has ran for 4 seasons. Since 2018 the show has featured polyamorous couples who are looking to add female partners to their relationships.

For some, these relationships are purely sexual and for others it is a part of their religion. There are also many couples who fall somewhere in-between.

During season 4 of Seeking Sister Wife we met the Davis family as they courted a new wife. Nick Davis inevitably added Danielle to his crew, making him one of the only success stories of the series. 

The Davis Family

The Davis family is made up of husband Nick Davis and wives April, Jennifer, and Danielle. Jennifer recently gave birth to a daughter Vera that the family takes shared responsibility raising.

In the finale of season 4, the Davises have a wedding where Nick remarried April and Jennifer and added new wife Danielle to the mix.

The Davises come off as a healthy polygamist couple with very little jealousy between them. In fact, they are all aware of when the others are having sex and seem to fully support it. (No, the wives do not hook up with each other…) They do however sleep together in a gigantic 12 ft bed.

Those wives who are not 1:1 with Nick that night shack up together to keep things fair.

Is the Davis family expanding?

Even though the Davises just added wife Danielle in September 2022, it appears they may already be looking for a fourth wife. Posted to their Instagram story on November 14, 2023 was this image stating that there’s “always room for one more.”

The couple posted from their group page with hashtags #polyfamily and #polylove implying that they are dedicated to their lifestyle. While there was no formal announcement that they had found a fifth, it looks like they are extremely open to the possibility! 

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