SEEKING SISTER WIFE Sophie Winder gives birth to daughter Isabella Grace Winder

Seeking Sister Wife The Winder Family Sophie Winder's baby girl Isabella Grace Winder born 2021

Congratulations are in order for the Winder family from TLC’s Seeking Sister Wife as they welcome a new addition to their growing polygamous family, daughter Isabella Grace Winder!

“Isabella Grace Winder made a slightly early entrance into the world last night,” The Winder Family Instagram account posted on November 10, “and we’re so grateful she has joined our family, now especially in this month of thankfulness and gratitude.”
On Sunday, Sophie shared a photo of Isabella on Instagram and wrote: “✨This little sis is loved by so many ♥️✨”

Here are both Instagram posts:

It was first announced that Colton Winder’s second wife, Sophie Winder, was pregnant with her second child back in July. The family shared a gallery of pregnancy announcement photos on their social media accounts, as well as Sophie’s social media accounts. “✨We’re excited to announce…Baby Girl Winder, coming November 2021!” the gallery caption read.

Sophie later revealed that she was due in late November, but I do not believe she ever shared a specific due date. Isabella joins big brother Ephraim (via Sophie) and big sister Sadie (via Colton’s first wife, Tami Winder).

Sophie is really great about updating her social media followers, and her most recent pregnancy was no exception. Here are most of her updates, including a post from October 23rd in which she reveals that she went into pre-term labor!

I keep getting nervous about having two little ones, and how overwhelmed I might be…but then I realized…I won’t be pregnant! Might be more manageable versus being pregnant with a toddler! But maybe not…a girl can hope 😅

✨TMW, you overdid it yesterday, now your hips won’t stay under you and you can’t stand up straight, or bend over without your hip going out.✨
…can’t complain too much though, with Ephraim I was on bedrest most of my pregnancy and had much worse physical problems! So this pregnancy has been much better going ♥️

COMMENT: When are you due?
SOPHIE: The end of November 💜

COMMENT: Might be a Thanksgiving baby! ❤️ I hope all goes smoothly for you ❤️
SOPHIE: Yes…I’m trying to decide if it would be better to have her before, or after thanksgiving 😂

COMMENT: You look tired mama. Grab a nap while you can.
SOPHIE: Oh, I try…teething doesn’t help! Sadly, lots of sleep regressions happening right now.

✨10 weeks left! ✨
✨Baby girl has been kicking like crazy, and I can’t believe we are so close to meeting her!
I was getting Ephraim some clothes the other day and he noticed a baby in a car seat in one of the aisles. He was soo fascinated and did not want to walk away from watching. I am crossing my fingers that he is that excited to meet his baby sister, though he still doesn’t know what’s coming 😅✨

COMMENT: I have a 1 and 2 year old son and daughter, the moments they have together are priceless…then someone hits another one with a toy. 😂 It’s beautiful ❤️
SOPHIE: Yes, we have that problem with Sadie and Ephraim…except it’s usually Ephraim pinching Sadie. But it’s beautiful when they play together ♥️

✨Getting close to meeting Baby Girl Winder!!! ✨
We had a bit of a stressful event a few weeks ago, going into pre-term labor, but thankfully the hospital was able to stop the contractions and we’ve been patiently waiting and preparing for her arrival since. The rolling joke, is that she’s just teasing us, and I’ll go overdue just like my pregnancy with Ephraim 🤪 Then she’ll be a December baby 🙃


CONGRATULATIONS again to Colton, Sophie and Tami Winder! It’s still unclear if the Winder family will be back for Seeking Sister Wife season 4, or even if there will be a Seeking Sister Wife season 4.

“We really just haven’t even thought about a Season 4,” Colton said in an interview in August. “Like, we’re not we’re not losing sleep over it. I mean, if they…would like us to be back we’d love to come back, but if it doesn’t happen we’ll just keep doing what we’re doing.”

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