90 DAY FIANCE Throwback photos of Patrick’s mom Paula; does she have a new boyfriend?

90 Day Fiance Patrick Mendes' mom Paula

On tonight’s episode of 90 Day Fiance, viewers finally get to meet Patrick Mendes’ mom, Paula. Patrick has talked a lot about his family this season, including what was apparently a difficult childhood.

“My dad and my mom divorced when I was seven,” Patrick revealed in an earlier episode. “Once he was gone, my mom had to raise four kids on her own.”

Patrick says that he was always vying his mother’s attention, but never felt like he got it. “I know she tried her best, but, I mean, she was bipolar, and struggled with drug addiction,” Patrick said. “It got really bad to the point where, you know, she was losing her job.”

In addition to opening up about his past, Patrick also shared some throwback photos of his mom with TLC. Here are a couple:

90 Day Fiance Patrick Mendes and mom Paula throwback photo

90 Day Fiance Patrick's mom Paula

Due to the issues at home, Patrick separated himself from his entire family while training for the Olympics. He remained a bit distant until he divorced his first wife, at which point Patrick invited his brother John to come live with him.

After getting very close with his brother John, Patrick slowly began repairing the relationships with the rest of his family — including his mother.

“I want to bring Thais to Massachusetts before the wedding because this is where I was born and my mom and older sister, Tiffany, still live here,” Patrick explained during tonight’s episode. “I’ve been really open, um, to Thais about my relationship with my mom. And right before the pandemic, we found out that she had some type of lung cancer. According to the doctors, she has less than a year to live.”

The cancer diagnosis weighed extra heavy on Patrick due to how his relationship with his mother had deteriorated. “It’s been hard accepting [the cancer diagnosis] because there’s been years where I didn’t even talk to my mother.”

However, things are getting better. “I’m happy that we’ve been able to rebuild our relationship,” Patrick said. “We’ve talked about a lot of our issues. We’ve forgiven each other, and I know she can’t travel to Orlando, so I think she’s really going to be happy to meet Thais.”

Paula and Thais meet on camera, and it doesn’t take long for Paula to pick up on the cold feet vibes Thais is giving off in regards to her wedding scheduled for the following week.

After Thais talked quite a bit about her relationship with Patrick and her fondness for Brazil, Paula shared her thoughts with TLC cameras:

I don’t think they’re ready to get married. And I think she, deep down, doesn’t want to marry Patrick. I think she’s just doing it because she doesn’t want to make things bad by not doing it. I’ve been married four times myself. One time, two time, three time’s the charm. No, go four. And Patrick, and I think, unfortunately, he’s taking after his mother.

Paula Has A Boyfriend?

Perhaps five time’s the charm? Paula shared a photo on Facebook in early February of this year posing with a man she described as her boyfriend. That would have been right at the time that Patrick and Thais were visiting Massachusetts given that their wedding was planned for February 22.

Here’s the photo with the potential hubby number five’s face blurred out:

90 Day Fiance Patrick Mendes' mom Paula's boyfriend Facebook photo

In the comments it seems clear that the distance felt between Patrick and his mom was much greater than any distance between Patrick’s brother John and their mother! Here’s how those mother/son interactions went:
JOHN: Is that your new man maa.
PAULA: No he’s not new been together for a while now I told you guys I had a boyfriend…don’t be jealous Ed (Paula’s son-in-law) He is a bit sexier than you.
JOHN: lol idk about that hahaha… pimpin ain’t easy is it maa.
PAULA: Only you would know honey only you would know you take after your mother Pimpin.

It’s a shame that Paula won’t be at the Orlando wedding because something tells me scenes with her and John together would be gold!

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