Why Jibri Bell shaved his head and eyebrows, did he split from Miona? – 90 DAY FIANCE

Jibri Bell, who appeared last year on Season 9 of 90 Day Fiancé, made a meaningful change in his appearance by shaving off his hair and eyebrows during a visit to Thailand.

At the reunion, Jibri expressed a desire for himself and Miona to travel the world as “creative nomads.” It looks like he’s doing just that as he shares his travels on Instagram. He recently went to Malaysia, and is currently in Thailand, where he proposed to Miona in December 2019. Miona is absent from his travel photos, however.

A spiritual awakening

Jibri is currently staying in a Buddhist monastery in Chaing Mai, Thailand where he is reflecting on deep things and seeking to heal his trauma.

He’s also shaved off his eyebrows and hair, and he explained in the comments of his latest Instagram post that he did so “as a symbol of renunciation of worldly ego and fashion. I have never in my life felt as light and free as I do now.”

He was replying to a comment telling him that his new look was “extreme,” and asking him to seek help in Christianity, where they have found peace.

“I’m glad you have found peace,” Jibri replied. “‘extreme'” for me was waking up everyday in my California castle with 3 luxury cars deciding which one I would drive to Starbucks after putting on my designer clothes, cologne and Jewelry.

Hoping people would notice me and compliment my appearance and recognize me from social media or TV. Chasing fame and fortune as I run around America in circles searching for more possessions and power.”

This is quite a turn since his appearance last year on the reunion in an eye-catching suit. Patrick Mendes’ brother John created a meme from the situation by calling Jibri “Sparkles.”

After getting married on the show, Jibri and Miona moved from his parents’ house in South Dakota, where Miona was miserable, to Palm Springs, CA.

Are Jibri and Miona still together?

Right now, that’s up-in-the-air. Miona has taken down all photos of Jibri from her Instagram account, which has people talking. She’s also ignoring all questions about their relationship status. The last time they posted on their couples’ Instagram since June 2022.

Jibri has denied that there was a breakup.

If they’re planning to share more of their lives on the 90 Day franchises, they often sign NDAs that limit what they can share about their relationship on social media so they can save it for the show.

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