90 DAY FIANCE Juliana Custodio gives birth to baby boy

90 Day FIance Michael Jessen's ex Juliana Custodiio gives birth to baby boy

Congratulations are in order for 90 Day Fiance star Juliana Custodio as she just welcomed her first child!
Juliana shared the news of the birth of her son Benjamin earlier today with a gallery of photos and videos posted to Instagram. Here is the gallery, followed by Juliana’s announcement:

All my friends that have known me for years know how much I waited for this moment, to have my own child, it was my biggest dream to become a mother.

Today was the most incredible amazing day of our life’s, I’m such a lucky woman for having you @ben_obscura in my life, an amazing father and husband to be. I couldn’t have asked for a better partner and father to my child, you have been what I expected and more.

I can’t describe the feeling of finally having my baby in my arms and finally feel that I am a mother. With all those feelings comes the fears too. Now it’s time to learn and grow with this little one.

This is beyond a dream come true, I’m so blessed with this beautiful family I have. I can’t thank enough all the support I have been having.

Juliana reveals that her son’s full name is Benjamin James Louis Custodio and he was born today, July 19. He weighed 4.280kg (9.4 pounds) and measured 55cm (21.6535 inches). Benjamin was delivered via vaginal birth with no epidural.

Becoming a mom marks just the latest chapter in Juliana’s whirlwind of life changes since late last year. We put together a complete timeline of Michael and Juliana’s relationship implosion, but I will trim it down here and focus just on Juliana.

After having some very serious issues with her husband Michael Jessen, including a rumored affair with the husband of Michael’s ex-wife, Juliana took a trip to Europe to do some modeling work in early September of 2021.

Before the end of the month, Juliana struck up a conversation with the future father of her child, a man named Ben.

In early October, Juliana and Michael both made public statements announcing their separation. On November 20, Juliana announced online that she was pregnant with Ben’s baby.

Juliana officially filed for divorce on Valentine’s Day, and the divorce was finalized on May 19. Two months later, Juliana gave birth to her son!

There is no word if Juliana plans to get married soon, or if she and Ben have already gotten married.

Congratulations again to Juliana and Ben!

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