Salma Hayek says 50lb pregnancy weight gain left her ‘completely disfigured’

Salma Hayek on Glam Belleza Latina

Salma Hayek gave birth to daughter Valentina in 2007, but the pregnancy was far from easy. The 46-year-old actress gained more than the average amount of weight and because of it, she was left “completely disfigured.” Well, at least that’s her opinion. In a recent interview with Glam Belleza Latina, Salma reveals how her pregnancy weight gain helped her find a new appreciation for her non-pregnant body.

“I gained so much weight, I got an opportunity to see myself completely disfigured in many different ways — for a very good reason — and I don’t regret it for a second,” Salma revealed to the mag. “That’s when I started appreciating my body. The things that I used to criticize, they were not that bad after all.”

Pregnant Salma Hayek- winner Outstanding Television Series 'Ugly Betty' at the 2007 NCLR ALMA Awards held at the Civic Center - Press Room in Pasadena, California on January of 2007.
^ Salam Hayek pregnant in June, 2007

Months after giving birth, Salma managed to shed the baby weight and get her pre-baby body back. “I did get it back, shockingly,” she admits. “We’ve got to fight for our confidence every day in modern life because we live in a society that is very harsh to women,” she explains about the pressure to be thin. “You have to be smart and successful and a good mother and beautiful and young and skinny forever.”

Salma welcomed Valentina Paloma Pinault on September 21, 2007. The following year, she and fiancé François-Henri Pinault announced the end of their engagement but later reconciled and on February 14, 2009, they married in Paris. Months later, they had a second wedding ceremony in Venice.

François-Henri is also the father of supermodel Linda Evangelista’s six-year-old son, Augustin James.

Middle Photo: Adriana M. Barraza / WENN

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