Reality star stirs up debate with skinny bikini photo

Skinny Bethenny Frankel bikini Ferarri - click to enlarge

Former star of The Real Housewives of New York City (and former real housewife of Jason Hoppy) Bethenny Frankel has stirred up quite the debate after posting the bikini photo above on instagram in which the SkinnyGirl maven is clearly living up to her brand. The picture has caused numerous commenters to criticize the 43-year-old mother of one for being too thin, while others have come to the defense of Bethenny arguing that she looks perfectly healthy.

What do you think? Skinny girl or too skinny girl?

While you ponder that over, I’ll provide a little context for the photo as well as some bonus Bethenny!

Bethenny captioned the picture above, in which she can be seen posing in front of a pretty amazingly adorable yellow Ferarri (I didn’t even realize Ferarri did adorable!), with “Should I buy this peanut Ferrari for my peanut? Isn’t it cute?!!” She later tweeted, “Sucking the last juice out of summer: walked the beach, swam in the ocean, rode my bike w the peanut. Tomorrow: surfing!”

Earlier today Bethenny posted this next photo and wrote, “This is how I’m bringin’ it- how ‘bout you?”

Bethenny Frankel thin face photo

And in case you missed it, Bethenny’s SkinnyGirl frame was on display (On displaaaay, on displaaaay!) (Sorry, that’s mandatory when those words come up in any Housewives post, current or former) when she participated in the ice bucket challenge while perched on a lifeguard stand wearing another Bethini:

Somebody needs to do a graph for how often bikinis are worn because I want to see the HUGE spike for “within months of breaking up.”

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