Rob Kardashian reportedly ‘wants nothing to do’ with family

Rob Kardashian Reported Drug Problem

The Kardashians reportedly didn’t have a merry family Christmas — because Rob Kardashian “wants nothing to do with any of them aside from Khloe.”

A source close to the rarely seen Rob told Radar Online the 27-year-old thinks his sisters and mom are too concerned with their appearances.

“Rob is so insecure about how big he has gotten and all the rest of them care about is how skinny they are. It makes him sick,” the family friend said. “Rob thinks that his whole family sold out to the fame and wealth and says his father would roll over in his grave if he saw what has happened to their once tight family.”

The exception is Khloe, whom Rob lives with currently. He is also close to her not-quite ex-husband, Lamar.

“Although Khloe is not with Lamar Odom, Rob still is in contact with Lamar and talks to him more than he does his own evil mother.”

However, the concern reportedly goes both ways.

“Everyone is really worried,” the insider said of the Kardashians. “He does not have a lot of money because he’s not doing anything right now and he wants nothing to do with Keeping up with the Kardashians.”

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